DSCOOP Success Stories: Innovating Print with Silicon Publishing

It is no secret that the print industry has a vibrant and inventive community that is as colourful as the print projects that it produces.

In this article, we will look at Silicon Publishing (SPI) and their success story at Dscoop Phoenix, where their stunning exhibition helped them to connect with the colourful print community and exceed their goals with a predicted ROI of 10-12x.

Communicating, Connecting, Collaborating: The SPI Journey at Dscoop Phoenix

Over 2,000 print industry professionals converged in Phoenix between March 1st and 4th this year to spark business growth and innovative print with Dscoop. The event was lauded by attendees and partners alike, who forged strong new connections each day.

One of the teams attending the event was first-time exhibitor Silicon Publishing, the world’s leading provider of Adobe InDesign Server solutions. Opting for a ruby sponsorship level, the talented team were in Phoenix to demonstrate their flagship HTML5 editor Silicon Designer on March 2nd and 3rd. This leading tool for online editing harnesses the power of HTML5 to accommodate for user preferences and offer online editing without limits with unique Web-to-Print capabilities.

The team showed off their fun and inventive characters with a scorching hot “Secret Sauce of Web Print” campaign. The campaign certainly turned heads and with a large bottle of Tapatío, Cholula or Texas Pete “secret sauce” given to each demo participant, SPI will be remembered by attendees for a long time to come!

The SPI team had a specific goal of generating 50 or more quality leads for Silicon Designer, and to close three or more of those leads after the event. To achieve their goals, SPI worked together with Dscoop’s Diamond Partner MindFire Inc. to make the most of the MindFire Studio marketing automation platform.

Using the platform, SPI was able to plan a powerful multi-touch campaign that used MindFire’s creative resources and templates to engage and delight audiences before, during and after the event. SPI also made use of the Dscoop mobile app at the show to maximize visibility while sending reminders to attendees on appointments and events at the SPI booth. Tantalising competitions for a flat screen TV and bottles of SPI Secret Hot Sauce were naturally received well too!

Exceeding goals

SPI’s hard work and authentic connection methods meant that they walked away from the show with 56 high quality leads. It is expected they will close at least 5 of these leads, which would be a return on direct costs of about 10-12x.

Here is their Dscoop Phoenix experience in numbers:

  • 27 at-show demo appointments were scheduled from pre-show marketing.
  • 112 total leads were generated by the close of the show.
  • 56 of the 112 leads were ranked post-show as “A” high quality.
  • Initial communications indicate SPI should engage with at least 5 of these leads in 2017.

Where Can You Take Your Project with Dscoop?

SPI demonstrated that when it comes to exhibiting at Dscoop events, the sky is the limit!

What could you achieve with Dscoop?

The Innovation Showcase™ is the heartbeat of our conferences and we are constantly driving customer traffic and optimizing planning to maximize the exposure that our exhibitors receive.

If you would like to replicate the success of SPI and create your own success story, we would love to hear from you. Keith Wilmot, the Dscoop CEO, would like to personally invite you to explore our exhibitor opportunities.  It is part of our mission and focus to ensure each exhibitor can work towards exceeding their goals with Dscoop. Please contact our partner program team at partners@dscoop.org.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank SPI once again and congratulate them on their success, and their constant drive to innovate print, together!

Click here for a full case study on SPI's successful campaign.

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