If You Never Ever Go Then You’ll Never Ever Know

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 It’s over 20 years ago that I found myself in Australia visiting the parents of my then girlfriend and potential spouse. At that time a TV commercial was running on Channel Nine to advertise Australia’s Northern Territories as a tourist destination, and considering the area was basically a swamp, that was quite a stretch to promote! But something stuck with me from that time, and it wasn’t the girlfriend, but the strapline to the TV campaign was “If you never ever go then you’ll never ever know “ and I have lived my business life by that maxim ever since.

Armed with that phrase in the back of my head, pretty much every business networking event I have attended or speech that I have given has been based on the premise that if you are not in the room, then you can’t meet the people. And of course you never ever know who those people might be or where they might lead you. I think it is safe to say that I would not have the network I have now if I had agreed with the little voice in my head saying “ do we really need to go to this event “? And for those of you reading this thinking, I don’t have a voice in my head telling me things – just so you know, that is the voice telling you that!

The history of successful business networks is littered with those people who were prepared to come together, work together and grow together. This is the opportunity I saw when I first looked at Dscoop – it was exactly the same when Interflora was founded in the USA over 100 years ago. A florist on the East Coast couldn’t deliver to the West Coast and a florist on the West Coast had the same issue – so using their collaborative nature, they agreed to join forces and each florist delivered the orders of each other when they were addressed to each others geography. Far from harming their business by working in this way, it was the seed that created the largest network fulfilment flower business in the world.

In my opinion, Dscoop members have this opportunity right now. By working as a collaborative network around the world to offer global & local brands a global & local solution. After all there is no such thing as a global customer, just a local one who needs looking after. Having the ability to flex a joined up network gives brands confidence that a single campaign can be rolled out effectively around all key markets and removes the need for the brand to find a solution country by country. Digital print is leading the way in unlocking the potential for brands to engage directly with their consumers via personalized and customized products - making even the largest global brands capable of behaving in a local way.

It’s time to join the dots and look at the strength that comes with numbers and remember – If You Never Ever Go Then You’ll Never Ever Know!

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