Printweek: ‘Be passionate and never stop learning’

Dscoop Global Chairman Julian Marsh, Harrier LLC and District Photo, was recently featured in a full length interview in Printweek. Read more below!

For most people, one job is more than enough. Not so for Julian Marsh. Right now, he has no fewer than three: business consultant at UK digital print specialist Harrier, global chair of HP graphic arts user group Dscoop and his most recent appointment, director of commercial print at Harrier’s US parent District Photo.

So, it’s fortunate he feels that he works best under pressure.

Which goes a long way to explain why he’s set himself the ambitious target of creating a $50m business in around three years at District Photo, by replicating what he did at Harrier - where he created a £4m commercial print business in five years by making the most of the consumer photo products business’s spare capacity. 

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