The Kings of Lyon

I’m starting to dream of summer! When you see the first green shoots of Spring plants poking their brave noses out of the frozen ground, it’s human nature to start thinking about the warm sunshine on your back. Somehow, even though Winter can still have it’s revenge, we have survived again and have a long summer to look forward to!

I can’t wait for many reasons but specifically because in early June I am going to be speaking at Dscoop’s EMEA 6 event in Lyon for the first time. I have been to Lyon several times in the past mainly because it is a great jumping off point for one of the highlights of wine country – The Rhone Valley. Before I became a full time speaker I spent 30 years working in the wine business in the UK and as a result have been spoilt rotten over the years by various vineyard hosts. And of course the great thing when wine is your business, it’s not drinking – it’s research!

But as the profitable years of the wine business started to dim and I turned my attention to the added value sector of the wine gift business, inventing personalized labels for Champagne in 2007, it became clear that they had something in common - knowledge. It’s taken me many years to work out that the real value is in the knowledge of the product rather than the product itself and this was the revelation I needed. Having spent 30 years of my life giving my time and ideas away for free in the hope that people would buy my product, I have realized that my product is actually my time and my ideas!

Of course personalization is not new, I would argue that it’s been around for millennia, but the products that can now be personalized are evolving at an incredible rate and the continuing growth of this Digital Revolution has a long, long way to go yet. I have been very lucky to be in the first wave of businesses that have brought personalized gift products to market and I can tell you a tale or two! So, I now enjoy my working life on stages around the world talking about the opportunities still to come and how we can join the dots to maximize these opportunities.

So please come and join me at Dscoop Lyon from June 7-9 2017 in the warm early summer sunshine. I want to encourage a conversation between like minded members to collaborate and innovate. I will be presenting an educational session on a new Dscoop concept during the day, and in the evenings perhaps we can shoot the breeze, enjoy a delicious glass of Rhone red and create a new memory of when we where The Kings of Lyon.


Richard Askam is founder of WNC, a communications agency. WNC offers high level communications skills to businesses and organisations around the world to help them engage with their customers on a personal level and how in doing so it adds value to their product and also the relationship. Richard has worked with some of the world's biggest companies such as Coca-Cola and Unilever on personalised product campaigns.

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