Coming Soon: Dscoop’s Signature Sample Series

Premium images to showcase HP Indigo’s spectrum of capabilities

Dscoop members will soon experience the newest offering from Dscoop’s Customer Communication Tools: Dscoop’s Signature Sample Series. Available in late June 2013, the Signature Sample Series provides Dscoop members with sample photo files specificHP_Woman_Mask-1.jpgally chosen to showcase the HP Indigo’s capabilities. The Signature Sample Series is an exclusive Dscoop member benefit available at no cost.

The Dscoop Signature Sample Series includes 18 images, each highlighting a particular HP Indigo capability (such as textured effects or black and white).  The photo files are available in PDF and InDesign formats, so you can print and customize them based on your company’s needs and objectives.  Use the files to create an eye-catching direct mail piece to your customers, turn them into magnets or compile the photos in a book to showcase the full spectrum of your HP Indigo’s possibilities to your prospects.  

A picture is a worth a thousand words—think of how Dscoop’s Signature Sample Series can speak to your customers. More information coming soon.

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