B2B Buyers: Traits by Generation (MarketingProfs)

To help suppliers understand the trends in buyers by generation, Acquity Group took stats from its recent B2B procurement study and created an infographic.

The infographic breaks down buyers by generation:

Up-and-coming buyers. Mary the Millennial (age 18-35) is most likely to research online (and do so for a long time) as well as to shop for business goods online. Some 89% of Millennials make corporate purchases (131% more likely than those older than 35). And 58% of them have researched or purchased corporate goods on their tablets or mobile devices. Mary the Millennial is most likely to make corporate purchases via Amazon Supply.

Established buyers. Some 68% of the Gerry the Gen X-er group (age 36-45) purchase business goods online; and 63% research or purchase items using a tablet or mobile device. A total of 34% have researched on a B2B supplier website but ended up purchasing from a less expensive supplier.

Seasoned execs. Jane the Boomer (age 46-60 (and older)) is less likely to research or purchase products online than the previous generations. Only 45% of buyers age 46-60 buy business goods online (29% of those older than 60 do). For research, just 24% buyers ages 46-60 use a tablet or mobile device, and 23% of buyers older than 60 do.

For more details about those generation groups and trends across the board, check out the full article for an infographic.

Read the full article here.

About the author: Veronica Maria Jarski is a senior writer at MarketingProfs and the editor of the MarketingProfs Daily Fix blog. Reach her via veronicaj@marketingprofs.com.
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