Breaking News! Delay Upgrading To Adobe Creative Cloud

Upgrading to the latest Adobe Creative Cloud service will disable HP SmartStream Designer

In May 2013, Adobe launched a new “Creative Cloud” release (essentially “CS7”) which includes the new version 9 of Adobe InDesign. Upgrading to this new Creative Cloud version will disable HP SmartStream Designer.

Adobe is actively encouraging graphic designers to upgrade to the latest Creative Cloud now.  HP Indigo recommends that customers using SmartStream Designer do not upgrade to the new Adobe Creative Cloud version until the next version of SmartStream Designer is available.

SmartStream Designer 7 for InDesign 9 is in development with a projected release date Q1 2014.  The additional time is required for HP to fully develop and test the next version of SmartStream Designer with the new released version of Adobe Creative Cloud. 

Additional background:  In 2012, Adobe launched the Creative Cloud subscription service for Creative Suite 6.  The latest version of SmartStream Designer for CS6 is compatible with Adobe Creative Suite 6 for both direct load to PC/Mac and via the Creative Cloud subscription.

Please also reference the product compatibility table below.  HP will provide periodic updates on the development of SmartStream Designer for Adobe Creative Cloud in future Dscoop eNewsletters.


Product Compatibility Reference Table:


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