Are You a Newbie or a Ninja? Earn Your Badge with the Dscoop Rewards Program

Stay active on the Dscoop website and gain points that will give you the opportunity to be recognized within the Dscoop community. The Dscoop Rewards Program keeps track of your online activity when you use the Dscoop website. The more you engage—the more points you earn, which includes your past activities. As you earn badges, they will show up on your MyPage profile for other members to see. Prizes and rewards are given to top earners every week.

How Can You Earn Points? Start a Discussion Thread
There are multiple ways to earn points within the Dscoop Rewards Program. One way is to start a thread in a discussion forum. Do you have information about an interesting topic or want to get input from your peers about an issue? Post it in the discussion forum that is specific to your business and gain 20 points.

Questions about the Dscoop Rewards Program? Please contact:

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