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There are two ways in which you can subscribe to the Forum topics that interest you most. You can add a topic to your My Subscriptions, which enables you to receive posts to that topic via email, using the delivery method of your choice. Or, you can subscribe to a topic via RSS feed, which enables you to view posts to the topic using a aggregator, from any computer or location without having to log into the site.

To subscribe to a Forum topic using My Subscriptions:

  • From within the Forums module, click My Subscriptions in the module links bar. Or, from any window on the site, select My Options, My Subscriptions. The Subscriptions window opens.
  • Select the Category and Topic for each forum to which you want to subscribe, and click the Add button. 
  • Select a Delivery Option for each subscription. Descriptions of the available delivery options display in the Delivery Options box on this page.

Note: You may only subscribe to public forums using this window. Subscriptions to private Forums or listservs must be set up by the primary contact for your group.

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