Integration Is The New Black (MindFire Studio)

Integration Is The New Black


It seems like the flood gates have opened with respect to social media and Smartphone apps… Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, blogs galore. And I don’t even need to go into the list of new and exciting apps because by the time I’m finished publishing this article, I could potentially be sharing old news. I can only imagine that any day now the next new site will be popping up and shortly after that another will follow.

All of these new social media sites, apps, etc. give marketers more ways to connect with their prospects and clients. With technology evolving at such a rapid pace, we, as marketers, need to be able to adapt and react…not 6 months from now, but right now! If we aren’t able to strike while the iron is hot, we could completely miss the mark.

Remember MySpace? Or, even more recently, all the hype surrounding Vine when Instagram added the ability to share videos as a part of their app? A lesson we must learn from these examples is that social media sites pop up, some stick, some are hot for a few years, and then some fade out. Or in the latter case – an application with tons of subscribers adds functionality, making another app unnecessary or redundant. Some people who were avid Vine users yesterday may now stop using it today because they can now post both pictures and videos on Instagram.

Oh and by the way, speaking of Instagram and Vine and a rapidly changing environment, have you heard of MixBit?

This leads me to my main point: integration is key. Having the ability to quickly incorporate the newest app or social media site into your marketing campaigns and workflows is crucial.

Imagine the time and resources lost by spending months developing an integration to be able to market through a new app, only to realize that by the time the integration is complete, that app is no longer hot or no one uses that site anymore. Yikes!

In these times of such fast placed evolution, we need to utilize platforms that enable us to act swiftly and leverage the newest technological trends.

Did you know that MindFire Studio was created and built specifically with this in mind? Our platform is nimble and gives you the ability to integrate with third-party systems using API’s. That means that you can quickly incorporate multi-channel marketing functionality into other applications, enabling customers to extend the functionality of their applications. By easily connecting our API end points with those of an app or social media site, you can tap into these new trends and start marketing using the latest and greatest.

And for the bottom line: doing all this gives you, the marketer, a competitive advantage, allowing you to drive extra revenue which will make you more successful. Or if you’re a service provider, making your clients more successful, which in turns makes you more successful…double win!

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