Creating a lasting impression in a digital world

Consumers view more than 5,000 pieces of brand messaging a day-making it easy for your message to get lost in the shuffle. Putting the printed piece in a consumer's hand-whether it is a brochure, mailer or presentation folder-is an intimate experience and it's important for the material to make a lasting visual and tactile impression. People touch, feel and keep interesting pieces that designers and printers bring to life on paper. Even in this online world, paper matters: the colour, the look, the feel-every aspect counts.

While all of this is critical-we also know that price and efficiency matter, a lot. In an effort to reduce cost, create shorter production times and provide a consistent print product with more accurate sheet counts and reduced waste and downtime, the commercial print industry is increasingly moving toward digital printing techniques. In fact, according to a recent study by Xerox®, digital printing will grow 30 percent by 2014. As a result, graphic artists need to know how to best utilise the capabilities of digital printing for projects.

While digital printing is the future, it's important that your printing strategy and quality of materials are maintained when transitioning to digital. This is particularly important because digital is still relatively new for the printing industry, and is still growing to fulfill aspects of offset printing. Having an established relationship with a trusted printing partner who has experience in digital printing will make the
shift easier.

Talking with your digital printer allows them to understand your pain points and find opportunities to help select the best grade of paper in order to create those lasting impressions every brand strives for.

Tango® Digital Coated Cover is available as C1S (one-sided coating) and C2S (two-sided coating) in a variety of weights.

For more information about Tango Digital Coated Cover, contact Nathalie Kujawa at

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