C.P. Bourg Unveils Bourg Booklet Maker ExPress™ for HP Indigo 7000 Series Digital Presses

  • In-line Bourg Booklet Maker ExPress enables users of HP Indigo 7000 SeriesDigital Presses to achieve fast turnaround times and effortless, set-secureproduction of booklets, flyers, calendars and other finished products.
  • New system is being sold through Bourg via a reference sales model with xpedx inthe United States and select dealers in North America, and in select regionsinternationally by HP channel partners and C.P. Bourg’s international distributionnetwork, with first orders booked.
  • Live demonstrations of the in-line Bourg Booklet Maker ExPress integrated with anHP Indigo 7600 Digital Press will take place at PRINT 13 in the HP booth #1241.

PRINT 13, Chicago, McCormick Place; Sept. 4, 2013 — C.P. Bourg, the world’s leadingdeveloper and supplier of on-demand document binding and finishing equipment, todayannounced the first in-line booklet making system available for HP Indigo digital presses.

This industry-first production finishing solution, called the Bourg Booklet Maker ExPress™ (BM-eExPress), was developed by C.P. Bourg in collaboration with HP to offer fully integrated digitalfinishing capabilities to users of HP Indigo 7000-Series Digital Presses.

The world debut of the Bourg Booklet Maker ExPress will take place at PRINT 13 in the HPbooth, #1241, where it will be presented operating with an HP Indigo 7600 Digital Press.

The Bourg Booklet Maker ExPress is aimed at the expansive high-quality, full-color bookletmakingsegment of the stitch-fold-trim finishing market in digital on-demand and web-to-printproduction environments. The robust in-line booklet maker is able to operate “24/7” at the fullratedspeed of the HP Indigo 7000 Series Digital Press to which it is connected.

Because the booklet maker is fully integrated, automated and synchronized with the HP IndigoPress, it can produce even ultra-short-run jobs quickly and with superb quality, without operatorintervention.

"The new Bourg Booklet Maker ExPress reflects the full measure of C.P. Bourg’s experience asthe pioneer and leader in digital in-line finishing and our dedication to providing printprofessionals with products of the highest quality, innovation and efficiency," remarked ChristianP. Bourg, President and Founder, C.P. Bourg Group. “We are pleased to collaborate with HP onthis significant product development, and we plan to build upon our successful history with HPthrough our continued introduction of innovative solutions."

‘A new world of possibilities’

According to Robert Raus, Americas category manager, HP SmartStream Workflow and SolutionPartner Program, the new Bourg Booklet Maker ExPress opens the door to a new world of printfinishing possibilities for HP Indigo users.

“Our customers are constantly looking to expand their range of capabilities to remain competitivein the marketplace,” said Raus. “Whether producing marketing materials on a wide range ofsubstrates, short-run books, or promotional materials, the Bourg Booklet Maker ExPressprovides HP Indigo 7000 Series Digital Press users with a level of finishing quality andproductivity that is difficult to match."

Award-winning heritage

The Bourg Booklet Maker ExPress is based on the award-winning Bourg BM-e Booklet Makerand Bourg BCM-e Bleed Crease Module engineered to operate seamlessly with the right-to-leftpaper path and duplex 2-up format of HP Indigo 7000 Series Digital Presses.

The Bourg BM-e combines a variety of unique features and innovations to produce booklets,flyers, calendars and other finished products with unparalleled quality while improving finishingspeed, efficiency and flexibility. These features include a totally visible straight paper path;variable-pressure paper folding designed to prevent marking, scuffing or scratching; precisionface trimming to within 1/256th of an inch (0.999 mm); misfeed detection and job purge, amongothers.

The optional Bourg BCM-e can register and trim printed sheets top and bottom to produce fullbleedA4 and letter size booklets. Cover sheets and content pages can be precision-creased atfull production speed to produce quality finished documents with folds, trims and stitches thatmaximize the visual power and color integrity of every press sheet.

The new Bourg Booklet Maker ExPress has passed rigorous testing to ensure conformance toHP Indigo 7000 Series printing metrics. These tests confirm that the Bourg Booklet MakerExPress can transport and finish high-value end products finished on coated and uncoated stockfrom 80 gsm to 350 gsm without marking, scuffing or tracking — even when printed at inkdensities up to 400% black.

First customer looks beyond web-to-print

The first print shop worldwide to order the new Bourg Booklet Maker ExPress is Onlineprinters, ahigh-growth, 430-employee online print service provider based in Neustadt, Bavaria, Germany,serving more than 250,000 customers in over 30 European countries.

The company’s CEO, Walter Meyer, describes Onlineprinters as specialists in producing shortandmedium-run jobs on demand.

“Every customer wants fast turnaround,” he says, “so to compete effectively across our market,we need to deliver finished jobs of the highest quality within hours of receipt — no matter howdemanding the printing and finishing specifications may be.

“Until now, we had to pause for rush print jobs to complete printing, or wait for a full stack of jobsto accumulate if we wanted to finish jobs efficiently. With the in-line Bourg Booklet MakerExPress on our HP Indigo 7600, we will be able to start the finishing process immediately, andhandle even ultra-short-run jobs with ‘Bourg quality,’ in less time and with less stress!” Mr. Meyerexplains. “For us, the availability of C.P. Bourg in-line booklet-making for the HP Indigo 7600Digital Press is huge!”

Distribution and service worldwide

In the United States, the Bourg Booklet Maker ExPress will be sold and serviced by xpedx® viaa reference sales model with the HP Indigo sales force. This model will enable xpedx andselected Bourg dealers to sell and service the new solution. xpedx, one of the largest businessto-business distribution companies in North America, distributes a wide variety of printing,packaging, and facility supplies and equipment to printers, manufacturers, retailers andcommercial facilities.

“xpedx looks forward to adding C.P. Bourg’s new in-line booklet-making capability for the HPIndigo 7000 Series Digital Presses to our diverse offering of products available for the U.S.graphic arts marketplace,” said Dennis Killion, xpedx Director of Marketing−Graphics.

Outside North America, the Bourg Booklet Maker ExPress is being sold and serviced through agrowing number of HP channel partners and C.P. Bourg’s international distribution network.

Live Demonstrations at PRINT 13

At PRINT 13, the new in-line booklet-making system will be connected as a fully integratedsystem in-line with an HP Indigo 7600 Digital Press producing documents that demandexceptional finishing quality. These jobs include a full-color multi-page photo book, and a “401K”retirement plan application.

The demonstrations will take place in the HP booth, #1241.

Additional information about HP Indigo digital printing solutions is available at www.hp.com/go/HPIndigoPresses, on the HP Graphic Arts YouTube channel,www.youtube.com/hpgraphicarts, or through the HP Graphic Arts Twitter Feed,www.twitter.com/hpgraphicarts.

Additional information about Onlineprinters is available at http://www.onlineprinters.com/Aboutus.htm?websale8=diedruckerei.02-aa&tpl=$ws-cms/02_ueber_uns.en_eu.html

C.P. Bourg – Your Partner in Print Finishing

For more than 50 years, C.P. Bourg has designed and delivered innovative binding and finishingsolutions to meet the needs of the global printing and finishing industry. C.P. Bourg’s reputation– as the world’s leading technology developer and supplier of in-line and near-line/off-linedocument feeding, binding and finishing equipment for the broad spectrum of traditional anddigital printing environments – is built on a history of Mr. Christian Pierre Bourg’s achievementand continuous commitment to quality, innovation and efficiency. This commitment has led toprivileged relationships with numerous digital print suppliers, and with tens of thousands ofcustomers worldwide who rely on C.P. Bourg equipment to turn print on paper into qualityfinished products.For more information visit www.cpbourg.com.

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