Web-to-Print: The New Frontier for Printing

Vincenzo Cirimele, managing director of Varigrafica Alto Lazio srl and Dscoop EMEA board member, was recently featured in il Poligrafico magazine showcasing his new web-to-print website, Press UP.

Vincenzo and his wife Maria Stella Adario, together founded Press UP and have continued to “upset “the classical concept of traditional typography by completely re-designing its production processes and workflows.

An initiative that has allowed Press Up to approach the market in a new, innovative way has been keeping customers at the heart of its strategy, providing them with greater access to its technical expertise and flexibility in a one-to-one relationship.

"2012 was a very successful year for Press Up," said Cirimele. “We expect to further grow in 2013.”

Making business in the web-to-print industry is not just matter of launching an e-commerce web site. It requires rethinking the way printing company’s run their business with targeted investments on IT infrastructure, production process definition and qualified professionals acquisition.

“Besides, to meet the challenge of today's market we have made great productive investments in terms of infrastructure and organization to respond to changing demand conditions. In contrast to our competitors, we have hired new people, young and highly qualified professionals, said Cirimele.

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