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Content Marketing Overload?

For the past few years, we marketers have been told repeatedly that content marketing is the new marketing paradigm – that to win the hearts of buyers early in their buying processes, we have to lure them in with authentic content designed purely to help the buyer, not to sell our products. What’s more, we need a plethora of content to help drive our SEO.

While that is all still true, it’s also out of date. We’ve reached the point of content overload with email newsletters, blogs, free white papers and e-books, podcasts and corporate how-to videos. People have started to tune out.

To keep our content from going straight to the trash, we now need to take a radically different approach to content marketing. See what we mean in this week’s ZUZA Marketer’s Blog post.


Not another free white paper!

I don’t know about you, but as a marketer, I must see email subject lines like all of the following at least once a day, often from multiple vendors:

  • Why your landing page sucks and what to do about it
  • Content marketing dos and don’ts
  • How to use LinkedIn for business
  • How to improve landing page conversion rates
  • How to improve email open rates
  • Google’s new algorithms
  • How to use online video to market your business
  • How to move prospects through the marketing and sales funnel
  • How to make marketing automation work for you
  • Etc., etc., etc.

I’m saturated at this point. While once I was excited to sign up for all of these email lists to get daily free advice, white papers and e-books with valuable content, now I tune them all out. I’m not seeing anything new – just repackaging of the same “fresh advice from the experts.”

It’s the same with Twitter. I’m following scores of companies’ tweets to receive links to helpful articles. But I keep seeing the same types of content regurgitated over and over.

My suspicion is that this is happening across industries. As companies have bought en masse into content marketing as the must-have campaign tool for the twenty-first century, everyone is rushing to pump out a gusher of “original” content that in fact is simply regurgitating stale information.

This may help drive some SEO, but it is boring the heck out of us consumers who once may have appreciated this free content but are now seeking something more original and substantial.


Zappos to the rescue.

You’ve heard of Zappos, right? They’re the highly successful online shoe and apparel retailer

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