Martin Anderson is Named Top Contributor

Martin Anderson, HP Indigo press operator at Cober Evolving Solutions is this week's top contributor on During the week of November 18, he earned 180 points, bringing his total from 107 to 287.

What is the biggest problem that the Dscoop forums have helped you solve?
The biggest problem Dscoop has helped me with is HP10000 known issues, it is nice to know you are not alone with such a new press and everyone is more than willing to help you navigate your way to a positive conclusion for any problem that may occur.

How has the Dscoop website helped you and your business?
Now that I have access to Dscoop it has helped me tremendously, I can access important information at a click of the mouse. It opens me up to a world of help and knowledge that I can not get anywhere else. It gives me the ability to network with all my Indigo friends in North America and around the world.

What is your favorite activity on the website?
My favorite activity on the website is interacting with my fellow operators by throwing questions back and forth at each other until we come up with solutions and different technics to solve issues with our equipment or files.

What tips do you have for others to get the most out of
The advice I would give to get the most out of Dscoop is to dive right in and test the waters of knowledge do not be afraid to ask a question no matter how trivial it my seem. This is what everyone is here on the Dscoop website is doing squeezing every bit of information and out of website as you can, and it is never ending. With the development of newer and better machines it can only mean we will be learn more and more each day. I sure do not miss my days on the stripping table and developing my own film but look where we have come we have two HP 7600's and an HP 10000 and we are loving it.

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