Chris Koehler is Named Top Contributor

Chris Koehler, press operator at Midland Press, is this week's top contributor on During the week of December 23, he earned 60 points, bringing his total from 249 to 309.

What is the biggest problem that the Dscoop forums have helped you solve?
The forums have helped me to solve many equipment problems. The biggest benefit for me has been in training other operators. The forums have also helped me to understand the machine more and how the process of digital print can work in many different ways.

How has the Dscoop website helped you and your business?
The website has helped me to understand digital printing more. By using the forums and the Webinars, it has helped me increase the uptime on machines. It has helped me in a lot of ways when training  new operators and answering any questions they might have.

What is your favorite activity on the website?
My favorite activities are the Webinars. I like the fact that you can view past ones any time you want too.

What tips do you have for others to get the most out of
The first tip I would give them is to watch all of the Webinars, even if you don't think it would pertain to your area. It could help you in the future. The second tip I would give is to read the forums with an open mind.  All of the help is useful. Some of the solutions may seem like there is no way it would work, but at one time it worked for them.

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