2014 Content Marketing Trends and Tactics (Marketing Profs)

Most marketers (71%) plan to increase their content marketing budgets in 2014, according to a recent report from Curata.

A quarter of marketers plan to keep their content marketing budgets at the same levels as 2013, and just 4% plan to decrease spend.

The report was based on data from a survey of 502 marketers conducted in fall 2013, with 53% of respondents focused on B2B marketing, 12% on B2C, and 28% on both.

Below additional key findings.

Top Content Marketing Priorities

The marketers surveyed rank generating leads as their top content marketing priority for 2014. Engaging customers/buyers is second, and brand building is third.

Impact of Content Marketing

  • Respondents see content marketing as being most effective in the upper part of the customer acquisition funnel—especially for awareness-building and customer engagement.
  • However, its impact on the lower part of the funnel is also quite significant, with nearly two-thirds of marketers indicating they've seen an increase in lead quality and quantity due to content marketing.

Content Marketing Mix

The average desired content marketing mix is 61% created, 27% curated, and 12% syndicated—essentially the same as the current mix.


  • 16% of marketers surveyed are curating for their audience every day.
  • 48% are curating from third-party sources at least once a week.

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