GPA Announces Leadership Changes for 2014

As part of their commitment to supporting their customers through world-class substrates, service and leadership, Dscoop partner GPA recently announced a number of leadership changes within the organization. Two of those changes include Tom Brooker, formerly president and CEO, taking on the role of CEO exclusively, and Bob Niesen, formerly senior vice president of sales and marketing, being promoted to the position of president.

Brooker, who started his career in the print industry in 1981 and has been with GPA since 2010, is now solely focused on spearheading the leadership of both the strategic and tactical work necessary to provide GPA’s customers and partners with excellent value. This includes planning and execution within each functional area of the business.

“My vision for GPA is to continue working with our partners, suppliers and customers, developing products, programs and services that lead to profitable growth of our businesses and the industry as a whole,” he said. “GPA will also continue to listen, understand and anticipate the challenges and needs that come with the ever-changing print landscape, then respond with thoughtful ideas and solutions.”

Despite a constantly evolving print landscape, Niesen, who has been with GPA for more than 20 years, said that there is one constant in this industry.

“Businesses have to continue to adapt their strategy to keep pace with changes in technology,” he said. “It’s hard for me to believe that smartphones, the internet or HP Indigos didn’t exist when I started at GPA! Thank goodness for the HP Indigo team who had the vision and the courage to create something that others thought wasn’t possible.”

Niesen’s advice for Dscoop-member businesses today to remain successful: “The graphics arts industry is continuing to change at a rapid pace, and it puts a real premium on forward-thinking strategy. To be successful in today’s market, Dscoop-member businesses have to continue to try and find ways to provide knowledge and innovation that helps their customers be more successful. This is what drives us to get better every day.”

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