Taopix to Exhibit Latest Release of their Photo Gift Software Platforms at Dscoop9

Taopix confirm they will be both sponsoring and exhibiting at Dscoop9, where they’ll be showcasing the
first 2014 release of their latest software platforms, Taopix Desktop and Online (Version 4.2).

Taopix®, manufacturer of the world’s leading photobook and gift software platform, confirmed that they will be sponsoring Dscoop9, held in Orlando, Florida (6th – 8th March). Taopix, who are also continuing their sponsorship partnership with Dscoop, are to invite print, photo and commercial businesses attending the event to view the very latest versions of both Taopix Online (their design online package, using HTML5) and Taopix Desktop (their popular download application).  Version 4.2, the first release Taopix have scheduled for 2014, is due to roll out to existing customers very soon and will be unveiled to the Rest of the World in March. HP Indigo Users attending the Dscoop9 event in the US will get a preview of the Taopix latest software release at booth 834, with a launch scheduled to the Rest of Word planned at IPEX in London, (24th -29th March).

Zoe Hartill, Marketing Manager for Taopix said;

‘We’re excited to be continuing our partnership with Dscoop. Visitors to Dscoop9 will be able to meet our Taopix US Team on our booth, view our very latest software, Version 4.2, which we’re due to roll out in the run up to the show.’

‘The timing of Dscoop9 in March ties in nicely with our current plans to release Version 4.2 of both our Taopix Online and Desktop software to the wider world. This release is important to us as we plan to unveil several small but key enhancements behind the scenes of the software, designed specifically to benefit the very businesses who use Taopix to sell, print and ship photo gifts around the world.’

At present, Taopix are keeping their cards quite close to their chest in terms of exactly what new features will be available for all to see at Dscoop9. Hartill confirmed;

‘There is a development roadmap in place for 2014 and some of the features we have planned for release throughout the year are quite significant, therefore are currently in development and intensive testing phases. We will unveil the 4.2 release of both Taopix Online and Desktop to existing customers prior to the show, giving them a first look at the new features or enhancements we plan to release. What I can say at this stage is that we are working on enhanced social media features for Taopix Online and Desktop, some of which is due to be launched prior to Dscoop9.’

‘Through talking to our customers, businesses from within print, photo and commercial industries who use our software everyday, we’ve identified some key, minor enhancements for the back end of the system. Version 4.2 will therefore mainly focus on enhancing the business experience within our production management module and Product Management Platforms, which come as standard with both Taopix Online and Desktop.’

‘Our Product Management Platform underpins the entire Taopix photo gift software platform, it comes with a complete set of tools which allow the software licensee to take full control of their platform, with no dependency on us! Everything form setting up and managing products, pricing, tax, shipping and payment options, to customising brands, creating and configuring templates, design assets, managing integration and more is offered here. So, when we say we’re making minor enhancements requested by our business users that will have a significant impact on allowing them to run their photo gift businesses even more smoothly, we really mean it!’

James Gray, CEO and Co-Founder of Taopix added;

 ‘In September 2013 we launched a major new product, Taopix Online, using the latest and greatest technologies, including HTML5, one of our primary focuses was to ensure we create an experience that was truly User Centric, and so we spent a lot of time working on the User Interface and end user experience, to ensure that businesses who use our software could deliver the very best shopping experience to consumers. We then put that into practice with our download application, with the launch of Taopix Desktop 4.1, towards the end of last year, focusing on enhancing the shopping cart experience so that it matched that of online.’

‘The forthcoming release of Version 4.2 for both Taopix Online and Desktop will therefore see us take our focus back to the business user and the minor enhancements to the back end of both systems, that will be of great benefit to their photo gift the businesses. Little things that, whilst the consumer designing the beautiful photobook for their family might not notice, make a world of difference to the photo-lab, ecommerce or commercial print business that relies on our software everyday to run their business and make it even more successful.’

‘At the last count we had almost 2,000 branded storefronts using the Taopix platform to allow consumers to sell and produce photobooks in over 50 countries around the world. So it’s always a challenge to plan back end enhancements which will benefit everyone, but Taopix was founded on the principles of spotting a gap within the photo personalisation market and listening to the wants of the very businesses who produce photo gifts, so for this release we wanted to focus on minor enhancements we could deploy quickly, that would have most impact for existing customers using the software.’

Gadi Kovarsky, Vice President of Taopix Americas, added:

‘I’m delighted that we have chosen to continue our partnership with Dscoop this year. We have exhibited at Dscoop events around the world over the last few years.  As a global company, with a team based here in the US, we find the Dscoop US events of benefit to us because of its popularity with HP Indigo Users across North America. Visitors to our booth can take advantage of an exclusive preview of the latest release of both Taopix Online and Desktop too.’

Visitors to the HP stand at the show can also find out more about the integration of the Taopix platform with HP SmartStream Production Center.’

Taopix have also confirmed that they will be exhibiting their software at IPEX, the world’s largest print, publishing and media event, 24th – 29th March 2014. Visitors to IPEX, at the ExCel, London, can join Taopix at booth N1-D095, North Hall.

Media Contact: Zoe Hartill, Marketing Communications Manager, zoeh@taopix.com,                                
+44 (0)845 017 8660

Discover more at taopix.com

Picture: Team Taopix Directors, from L-R; Richard Watson, President, Asia; Gadi Kovarsky, VP, Americas; Kevin Gale, CTO & Founder; James Gray, CEO & Founder, Dianne Moralee, Business Development Director, Europe; Faye Stephenson, Operations Director. Kovarsky, Gale, Gray and Stephenson will be attending Dscoop9 with others. All rights reserved to Taopix Limited.

About the Taopix Platform:

Taopix®, is the world’s leading photobook and photo gift software platform and a registered trademark of Taopix Limited. Taopix has become the platform of choice for many of the world’s leading pro-labs. Tailored for pro-labs and print customers who are looking for a robust, complete software solution, Taopix allows you to sell and produce professional albums and photobooks and an unlimited range of photo merchandise. Specifically designed for your business, Taopix empowers your consumers by giving them an easy to use design experience with secure job submission.

Find out more: http://taopix.com/taopix-the-product

About the Company:

Taopix Limited manufactures and sells the world’s leading photobook and photo gift software platform. We’re an established, independent software development company. Taopix HQ is based in the UK, with offices around the world. Taopix is a global company and our software platform is available all around the world – if there’s demand for it, we sell it!

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