Dscoop Partner Profile: GPA, Specialty Substrate Solutions

Dscoop recently spoke with David Maucieri, GPA’s Senior Vice President of Sales, to find out why GPA, Specialty Substrate Solutions supports Dscoop through a strategic year-round partnership.

What has been the biggest benefit of partnership with Dscoop?
As a strategic partner of Dscoop from day one, the biggest benefit is that we have been able to initiate and expand more key relationships within the HP Indigo community. To put it simply: Dscoop is the platform that makes it happen. We’ve also had the advantage of being closely involved with the evolution of new technologies over the past eight years. This has positioned us at the forefront of industry developments and allowed us to evolve more rapidly than we ever could have imagined otherwise.

How has your connection with Dscoop helped you or your business succeed?
Dscoop is the single greatest arena within our industry that attracts companies who are willing to invest in their future success. As a Diamond Partner, GPA leverages this platform to take business relationships to a new level. Dscoop provides us with a unique vantage point to learn about our customer’s needs so we can leverage specific resources to help them succeed.

As a Dscoop partner, how can your organization provide value to Dscoop members and their companies?
GPA provides value to Dscoop’s members with our unrivaled product selection, personalized technical support, creative marketing and application solutions and other business efficiency tools. The Dscoop platform allows GPA to fully integrate our resources for the greatest benefit of Dscoop’s members and their companies.

What does it mean to be a Dscoop partner?
Being a Dscoop partner means that GPA takes our responsibility of helping businesses make connections with industry-wide thought leaders to heart. We are committed to developing the relationships, products, programs and services that lead to profitable growth of our businesses and the industry as a whole.

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