Midland Paper Presents Case Study at Inkjet Summit 2014

Midland Paper’s 2014 Inkjet Summit ‘Case Study’ Demonstrates Dramatically Improved Ink Drying Properties, Ink Consumption Savings & Expanded Color Gamut with New High Speed Inkjet Paper Options

WHEELING, IL – Midland Paper participated as a co-sponsor in the Inkjet Summit 2014 on April 7-9 in Ponte Vedra, FL. The Inkjet Summit is an invitation-only, hosted event designed for senior managers and business executives who want to understand how inkjet technology trends, software, consumables and finishing solutions will impact their businesses and help them shape their strategies for the future. Midland Paper’s David Field, Sr. Business Manager Inkjet Technologies, presented a ‘Case Study’ illustrating effective print media options that dramatically improve printing performance.  Field presented two inkjet papers, one of which was Mondi’s “DNS Enhanced”, a pigment coated inkjet paper that offers greatly improved ink drying characteristics with improved color gamut and ink consumption savings.  The second inkjet paper presented was the “Midland Paper Company (MPC) Satin Inkjet” which boasts a traditional fine paper look that is engineered to be highly compatible with high speed inkjet presses.  “Our MPC Satin Inkjet has superior ink drying properties compared to other coated paper’s in this segment, which, allows printers to achieve better print results, improved efficiencies on press and in finishing/bindery…in fact, customers have told me that they ran our Satin inkjet with over 90% ink coverage then proceeded to immediately finish the job in binding, box, ship and invoice their customer without any delay” said Field.  Both the Mondi DNS Enhanced and the MPC Satin Inkjet are readily available as stocked products through Midland Paper’s Quick Jet! Program.               

Midland’s Quick Jet! Program products consist of top quality inkjet press-compatible print media available with a customized quick turn service platform.  The program includes premium papers from the following paper manufacturers:  Mondi, Glatfelter, Mitsubishi, Appleton Coated, New Page, Sappi, Domtar, Finch, International Paper, Flambeau River, Resolute, Cascades and more.  Midland Paper is the leading high speed continuous inkjet media distributor in North America.  “Our Quick Jet! Program offers a variety of HSIJ print media substrates to meet the varying needs of continuous color inkjet printers across North America.  As the leading print media distributor serving the continuous inkjet market, we have become educated on all of the paper options available allowing us to consult with printers to offer objective advice on the print media that will best solve their particular needs”, quotes Mike Ratcliff, VP & General Manager for Midland Paper’s Specialty Paper & Film Division.    

Approaching $1 billion in annual sales, Midland Paper, Packaging + Supplies is one of the largest independently owned merchant distributors in North America. Midland’s access to the world’s highest quality paper mills and digital substrate manufacturers, combined with its commitment to provide excellent customer service and unmatched industry expertise, uniquely positions the company to be the future of digital media supply.  

For further information contact David.Field@midlandpaper.com or Michael.Ratcliff@midlandpaper.com  .

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