Dscoop Educates Print Distributors on Promise of Digital Print

Dscoop Global Executive Director Mike Fogarty presented at last week’s 2014 Distributor Solutions Expo, hosted by the Print Services & Distribution Association. The two-day event featured hundreds of print distributors who were enthused to learn about the intricate personalization and segmentation available through digital printing. 

“It was so energizing to see a room full of print professionals who were in awe, and excited even, about the unique capabilities available with digital printing,” said Fogarty. “I really believe we were able to educate a whole new group of the print industry about the promise of digital print as an integral component of marketing campaigns.”

Originally from a distributor background, Fogarty’s presentation, “Your Future in Digital,” discussed the print industry today and where he sees it going tomorrow.

“The printing industry -- our industry --will continue to consolidate and technology will continue to evolve. I recommend taking a new mindset to deliver real results to your customers – brand owners, creatives and print generators: they have customer data which you can leverage through digital print and those experiences create even more data. I was asked to talk today about “your future in digital” and I’m here to say that I believe digital is your future,” Fogarty shared with the group.


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