The Content Consumption Habits of LinkedIn Users (Marketing Profs)


Most people who consume professional content on LinkedIn do so to keep up with industry news (78% of respondents) and to discover new ideas within their business area (73%), according to data from a recent survey conducted by LinkedIn.

A significant number also engage with professional content on LinkedIn in order to build relationships with colleagues/clients (62% of respondents say so), enhance their professional reputations (55%), spark conversations (51%), and improve their current job skills (45%).




Below, additional key findings from the report, which was based on data from a survey of 2,701 LinkedIn members in the United States who actively share and consume professional content (i.e., content that is relevant to their jobs or fields).

Popular Content Types

  • 77% of respondents read new industry research posted to LinkedIn, and 72% share these sorts of pieces.
  • Other popular content types include breaking industry news (68% read, 61% share), case studies (55%, 52%), and career advice (57%, 38%).

Why People Share

  • 65% of respondents say they share professional content on LinkedIn to increase their visibility on LinkedIn.
  • 64% share content to enhance their professional reputation.

How People Share

  • 53% of respondents share content on LinkedIn via the "Like" button.
  • 44% use the "Share" button and add commentary; 42% use the "Share" button and do not comment.
  • 38% copy content into an email and then share it.

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