Mediaclip Debuts New HTML 5 Photo Book and Gift Builder for Tablets

Montreal, Quebec – Mediaclip Inc. launches a new HTML 5 Product Builder as part of their latest Version 3.0 software release. Mediaclip is the premier developer of white-label software solutions that support the simple to use creation of a wide variety of personalized printed output, including photo, business and high quality promotional products. Based on Mediaclip’s flexible and open architecture, the HTML5 builder provides tablet and mobile users with an optimized, easy to use experience, but maintains total compatibility with a licensee’s currently installed backend infrastructure and content library assets.

The new HTML5 builders for photobooks and photo gifts are just the first step toward Mediaclip’s new modular product vision, Creos, which will be progressively revealed over the coming months. Creos is much more than a new software version; it is a completely new and innovative approach to the merchandising of personalized products. When completed, Creos will include the complete range of tools and capabilities required to virtually redefine both product merchandising as well as the on-line shopping experience and raise mass market awareness of the value of customized photo gifts and products.

“The beauty of our HTML 5 Builder is that it recognizes how users create products now which is already much different than what it was just 5 years ago.” says Marion Duchesne, CEO. “Also, our current partners and customers will be able to use existing content and current installation. They get a running start to embrace this new .technology and grab their fair share of the expanding tablet user market.”

The top 5 features of the HTML5 for tablets:

1.) The new HTML5 builder for photobook and gifts is featuring a quick path to create a simple, yet professional looking, photobook or photo gift within minutes.

2.) Provides a stunning photorealistic preview that lets customers see what their photobook or gift would look like, triggering the buying impulse.

3.) Customizable user interface that reflects the branding of retailers, along with improved visual cues for warning messages, photobook page tracking and more. As part of release 3.0 Mediaclip also presented a refresh look for the original builder in order to present a unified experience to the user.

4.) Built-in uploader that can connect to multiple sources (device, online account, social networks, cloud-base storage services, etc.) allowing users to access their images wherever they are located. 

5.) More than 300 pre-designed photo and text layout combinations to choose from for an easy personalization experience without complication.

In release 3.0, Mediaclip™ is also introducing the Smart Design concept which is an innovative new way of creating content with designs that will fit all products or sizes. This concept also creates better content by allowing designers to factor-in some specific logics into a theme making it more dynamic and responsive. For example, the new Mediaclip optional Designer’s Collection features some photobook themes in which page layouts adjust to the user’s photos orientation and ratio as they are detected in the Auto-fill.

To learn more about Smart Design and all the features found in release 3.0 or to get a live demo of the new HTML5 builder please contact us by email at or follow our blog at

About Mediaclip™

MediaclipTM develops easy-to-use software solutions enabling the creation of printable personalized products from consumer and professional photos, businesses, brands and licensed images. Our solutions are offered in a wide range of business models to address the specific needs of our customer’s market strategy.

Our privately-held company, headquartered in Montreal, with marketing and supporting services through offices and distributors located in Canada, the United States, Latin America and throughout Europe and Asia. Our software modules are currently integrated into hundreds of websites around the world.

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