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Dscoop member, Martin Anderson, HP Indigo press operator, Cober Evolving Solutions, is a Top Contributor for his frequent activity on the Dscoop website! Dscoop Headquarters got in touch with Martin to find out how his recent activity on the website has helped him and his company:

  • What is the biggest problem that the Dscoop forums have helped you solve?

I am not alone with my three presses, anytime I have a problem or  concern there are people out there willing to help me. Also, when I had an ink problem with my HP 10000, many members came to my aid to assist it trouble shooting and ultimately fixing my problem.

  • How has the Dscoop website helped you and your business?

The Dscoop website has helped me and the business grow. Now we have a large database of members to call upon to assist and guide us to the correct and accurate solutions and strategies to ensure we'll be profitable in the market place.

  • What is your favorite activity on the website?

My favorite activity is interacting with all the different members from all over the world.

  • What tips do you have for others to get the most out of Dscoop.org?

I would access Dscoop as often as possible, there are always exciting and complex discussions that will give you so much knowledge and insight of what is happening at HP Indigo.

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