Ten Sure Signs You Are a Print Junkie! (PrintMediaCentr)

By: Deborah Corn

There have been many times in my career where the satisfaction of making the impossible, possible, has induced an overload of endorphins! Even if others didn’t say thank you, and ten more jobs were dropped on my desk without any acknowledgment of the miracle pulled off, I knew for that moment I was a ROCK STAR and it felt great.

That got me thinking about all of us, and some of the signs that CMYK rehab might be in our futures! The good news… if any of these apply you are in the right profession, and have a LOT of company! Just come to #PrintChat on Wednesdays to meet your fellow addicts! (See the replay of our “Print Junkie” #printchat here!) I‘m sure you also have more “signs” to add to this list and I can’t wait to read them, so please share… here we go!

Ten Sure Signs You Are a Print Junkie!

10. You have no less than three rulers at your disposal. Extra bonus junkie points if any of them measure picas, are made by Schaedler, or from your first job.

9. You consider your Sharpie a significant other. Bonus junkie points if right now there are at least two on your desk, or on you!

8. You sniff print! And when you do it, you close your eyes and savor the sniff! Bonus junkie points if you do this in public, extra if anyone asks what you are doing and you don’t even realize you are doing it.

7. You speak “print” to regular people, and then need to clarify. For example… “Get an off-the-shelf A7 envelope for the holiday cards.” Bonus junkie points if the regular people around you now understand print terms from your repetitive use.

6. Thanks to print pusher Trish Witkowski you can name at least five ways to fold things. Bonus junkie points if you ever “fold-along” with her videos!

5. You have had an argument over color with at least one pressperson. Super extra bonus junkie points if they acknowledged your “suggestion” made the piece look better after they pumped up, or toned down.

4. You use your fingers as a paper stock weight gauge. Bonus junkie points if you can also detect the specific finish on coated paper.

3. You see the world as a giant print sample closet. Bonus junkie points if you have “borrowed” a piece of print without permission, or bought something to re-create it.

2. You plan your week around #PrintChat. Bonus junkie points if you already join us, extra bonus junkie points if you join us after reading this post! Here’s how.

And the number one Sure Sign You Are A Print Junkie…


Addiction comes in many forms, but staying true to your drug despite slow times and digital marketing intervention attempts proves you are a die-hard Print Junkie! This is a fabulous time to be in print, part of the communications evolution, and we are the group that is making it happen! JUNKIES UNITE!

Speaking of which… I once again have the honor to work with GASC and create The PrinterverseTM at GRAPH EXPO! Our space is dedicated to all the dreamers, doers and junkies out there! Come visit us in booth 4267 and meet our Intergalactic Alliance – and if you cant make it we will be broadcasting LIVE from the show floor! Visit our dedicated site and follow PMC socially for all the details as they are shared.


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