Pixfizz Announces Upgrades at Photokina

Pixfizz Expands Integration Capabilities through API, Enhancing Customers’ Flexibility

September 16, 2014 – Pixfizz, a cloud-based white-label solution enabling brands to create and sell photographic products via customised online storefronts, is announcing today at Photokina, the expansion of integration capabilities through its Application Programming Interface (API) architecture.

The Pixfizz API enables Pixfizz customers and partners to extend functionality by building custom integrations with an open RESTful API available in xml and json with comprehensive documentation, enabling them to test and deploy almost anything including:

  • External image library integrations
  • Custom reporting to ERP & CRM systems
  • Custom cart integrations
  • Snap out editor into existing e-commerce websites
  • Advanced production integration
  • Intelligent drip marketing and project abandonment follow up

In addition, Pixfizz have launched new native integrations that leverage the API to extend the platform’s functionality with Dropbox, extending available image sources to end-users and Shopify.  Native integration with Shopify, a hosted e-commerce solution, now enables Shopify users to extend their product offering to customised photo products beyond standard static e-commerce products.  These compliment Facebook, Instagram and a variety of payment gateway integrations already available to customers. New services are being added regularly to provide a wider choice of solutions and flexibility.  Native third party integrations are fully supported by Pixfizz. Customers can opt to turn on or off services directly within their storefronts’ control panel or offer a straightforward setup.      

The Pixfizz platform includes an editor adapted to smartphones and tablets, as well as targeted APIs allowing developers to embed Pixfizz tools into a customised and branded app for both iOS and Android platforms. Customers can tailor their particular user experience requirements within an app, embedding only the specific components needed. This toolkit features specific resources within the RESTful API with the addition of OAuth functionality to seamlessly integrate Pixfizz user accounts providing full access to their stored photos, projects and other order data across multiple devices.

This approach enables customers to build a branded app from the ground up to suit their needs or integrate specific Pixfizz tools into existing apps with reduced time, effort and cost. Interactive html documentation allows a developer to easily navigate through the API’s resources and data making new integrations both easier and faster. 

The comprehensive API with its Cloud based architecture provides a true Platform as a Service for Pixfizz customers enabling extensive customization and extending functionality with third party applications easier and more cost effective, and represents one of Pixfizz’ key competitive differentiating factors.

API diagram.JPG

Pixfizz Enhances Editor Customisation Capabilities

Pixfizz is also announcing the ability for customers and brands to customise their own Graphical User Interface (GUI), within the Pixfizz Cloud-to-Printä Editor, including on smartphones. This capability optimises their own branding and user experiences.

The customisation flexibility is a key Pixfizz value proposition that is proving to be an attractive feature for companies looking for competitive differentiation. “Everyone wants to create an online shopping experience that is unique to their particular brand or to their corporate clients’ brands,” states Alexander de Boissezon, VP Marketing. “With the steady growth of eCommerce, the need for differentiation and customised user experiences is growing exponentially.”

With the enhanced Pixfizz Editor, customers are able to benefit from a wide range of customisation features. These include backgrounds, foregrounds, panels, icons, granular colouring, mouseover and highlight colour schemes, image sources, etc. All text in the editor can be edited and translated to any language, including Russian, Chinese, Japanese, Hebrew, etc. Fonts, font-size and kerning can be modified. Icons can be replaced with the customers' own designs to give a truly unique look & feel. Even the tool tips and pre-flight warnings can be customised to enhance branding and styling. All of these customisation features can be implemented on various devices, including smartphones.

Pixfizz’ Application Programming Interface (API), also enables customers to integrate to third-party solution providers or to their own in-house solution. For example, integration to external image sources outside of the native integrations, such as Facebook, Instagram and Dropbox are possible. The Pixfizz API makes both customising and extending functionality with third party applications, easier and more cost effective. It represents one of Pixfizz’ key competitive differentiating factors.

This flexibility underlines the true power of the Pixfizz Cloud-to-Printäsolution which proves to be much more comprehensive than a web-to-print solution or a boxed software. All of these customisation capabilities are all-inclusive within the set-up and annual subscription fees. There are no extra charges for redesigning the Editor nor for updating customised online storefronts.   


Pixfizz Launches Responsive Editor to Run on Smartphones, Enhancing Customers’ Business Opportunities

Pixfizz is also announcing a responsive Pixfizz Editor that runs on smartphones, complementing already supported tablets, laptops, and desktops. Customers will be able to expand their business opportunites by accessing the ever-increasing usage of smartphones and the digital photographs taken with them.

The Pixfizz Cloud-to-Printä Editor is built in HTML5 and runs on almost any modern web browser or can be embeded within a native app with an ‘in app browser’, thereby optimising user experience.  With over a third of inbound visits on photo storefronts coming directly from email and from marketing on smartphones, it is critical to provide both ‘in app’ and ‘in browser’ support to create a seamless user experience.  The new responsive capability automatically adapts the Pixfizz Editor’s size and creative functionality to the device being used. This functionality now extends to iOS and Android smartphones.

The increased flexibility and enhanced user experience dramatically increases the market potential and business opportuniies for Pixfizz customers to sell more photographic products online. It also allows for a more integrated brand experience, critical to reaching a younger demographic audience.

The Pixfizz Editor supports native integrations with Facebook, Instagram and Dropbox allowing users to pull photos from their online accounts directly from their smartphones. With the Pixfizz Local Uploader, images are imported directly from the browser to quickly view them in the Editor to design and create the product without the need to first wait for long uploads.  An extensive API is provided that enables the solution to be expanded to any other third party image storage services as needed.

“The earlier you can capture an end-user into your sales process, for example when they are taking the photos on their mobile device, and the quicker you can make a user interact with a customised product, the better. As speed is critical, we must ensure the user experience is simple, fast, fun and responsive,” according to Alexander de Boissezon, VP Marketing. “This in turn increases conversion rates and repeat orders which is obviously good for our customers’ business.”


About Pixfizz Cloud-to-Print™

The innovative provider of a cloud-based PaaS (Platform as a Service), white label solution enabling companies and brands to create and sell high value photographic products via customised online storefronts. Pixfizz hosts and manages all servers, software, updates, administration, capacity planning, backups and security. For more information: http://www.pixfizz.com


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