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Many of those attending Dscoop6 may not be familiar with Felix Schoeller, but chances are they have printed something on media manufactured by Felix Schoeller, although sold under a different brand name. As the world’s largest supplier of photo base paper, Felix Schoeller base has been emulsion coated by all manufacturers of photographic papers for making both color and B&W photos. This same photo base is the platform to produce their top-of-the-line inkjet photo papers.

Today, Felix Schoeller Imaging develops and produces innovative papers for printing photos on any digital technology, like silverhalide, dye diffusion thermal transfer (dye sublimation), inkjet and electrophotographic printing. Our portfolio covers the full range of matt and glossy-coated papers for home printing and numerous high-end papers for special applications, including PE-photopapers for professional and consumer photo prints, pre-press proofing papers, solvent- and UV-curable papers for indoor and outdoor advertising as well as our innovative canvas grades for fine-art reproductions. At Dscoop6 Felix Schoeller will be displaying their specially designed E Photo Lustre paper for photographic solutions on Indigo platforms. 

Our Technocell Dekor group is one of the world’s leading suppliers of décor paper used to produce finishes for wood-based products, such as chipboard or MDF panels. Décor paper is found in surface finishes for kitchen worktops, furniture, doors, wall paneling and laminate flooring, for example.

In the field of technical papers and films, we combine our know-how in extrusion technology with our experience in manufacturing high-quality base papers. This combination is used, for example, to manufacture a range of release liner products, which are used in the self adhesive or processing industry.

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About Felix Schoeller Imaging

The Felix Schoeller Group is a leading family-owned international specialty paper manufacturer headquartered in Osnabrueck, Germany. At eight manufacturing facilities around the globe, the company employs around 2400 people and manufactures over 300,000 tons of Imaging and Specialty Papers. The 110 year old company is considered one of the foremost producers of top quality photo imaging, technical and décor papers and films.

For more information, visit www.felix-schoeller-imaging.com

To get a detailed demonstration of, or obtain more information about, the E-Photo Lustre and other Felix Schoeller products, please visit our Dscoop6 booth no. 107


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