Thanks to Podio we keep work simple

How do we manage a community that is spread out from Ireland to Russia and from Norway to South Africa? We live in modern times and advanced communication tools are easily available. Email still handles most of the information but things are changing rapidly. Here at Dscoop there is one tool that stands out and we use intensively during the day: Podio.

podiologo1.pngPodio is an amazing platform that can accomplish many things. It's web based so we can use it wherever we are. It has a mobile app that allows us to capture information on the go. And it offers a wide variety of applications that we can quickly adapt and deploy. Without complicated IT management.

What do we use it for? The CRM component allows us to track communications with our members. We use it to provide our members with connections to other members when they need to deliver products in other areas or segments. Dscoop hosts multiple local events and with Podio we can have a registration form up and running with a few clicks.

There are many more functions and apps  and we will certainly use more of the available tools within Podio.

We highly recommend you check it out!

Thanks to Podio we keep work simple

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