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While Dscoop gears up to celebrate its 10th anniversary, Chris Reine of Franklin Press is just passing his two-year mark as a Dscoop member. In that short time, Chris has acquired a remarkable 10,000 badge points (and counting!) and the coveted Ninja status on His sheer number of points indicates the invaluable information available on the forums, which have enabled him to solve technical issues, keep his presses up-to-speed and implement new ideas. The time Chris spends interacting with Dscoop members on the forums equals more uptime at Franklin Press – a win-win for the company and its customers. 

We sat down with Chris to learn about his strategy for success in the Dscoop Online Discussion Forums, and how he manages to continue racking up badge points - even during busy season.

Chris’ Top 10 Tips for Getting the Most Out of the Dscoop Forums:

  1. Log in to the forums daily. Even if you don’t comment or correspond every day, log in and read through the areas of interest to you. Make it a routine and take advantage of what Chris calls, “the biggest, most powerful thing that Dscoop membership offers.”
  2. Choose your specific areas of interest and subscribe for easy following. No need to follow every available forum; just subscribe to the ones most relevant to you for easy access. Chris follows forums about Series 3 presses, Series 4 presses and HP announcements, among others.
  3. Set up notifications to get email alerts. This is one of Chris’ best kept secrets. He doesn’t spend hours checking back for updates to his posted questions, even though everyone thinks he does. Simply set up email notifications and get alerts anytime new content is added to your threads.
  4. Read threads while your press is warming up. On a long run? Press running for 45 minutes? Hop on the forums and learn something new!
  5. Turn to the forums for support. “Forums are the most powerful tools that a press operator can have besides technical support,” says Chris. Post your toughest issues and get quick answers, even at odd hours.
  6. Post your ideasHave a great idea for a product update or a brilliant solution to share? Chris recommends posting your ideas in the forums to get feedback and start a discussion.
  7. Keep connections alive. Don’t you love putting a face to a name? Meet fellow forum users at DscoopX, and also use the forums to keep your new conference connections alive all year round.
  8. Take advantage of the forum archivesHave a new press install? A new staff member? The archives are full of reliable and valuable information for anyone just getting started in the industry.
  9. Update your contact information. Make sure all of your old and new Dscoop friends can get in touch with you! Update your Dscoop profile with your current information and maintain your connections (see #7).  
  10. Leverage expert advice of Dscoop Partners. Specific questions about paper or finishing services? Dscoop Partners were recently added to the forums and have solutions to your specific challenges. 




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