World Premiere for Folding Cartons “on Demand”

KAMA and HP Indigo presented a new and highly efficient end-2-end workflow for digitally printed folding cartons at the joint event in Dresden. For folding and gluing, KAMA unveiled the innovative FlexFold 52 with automated set-up.

Dresden, 28th November 2014 – world premiere at the KAMA Finishing Days 2014: HP Indigo, the digital printing machine manufacturer, and KAMA GmbH presented an innovative end-2-end workflow for the production of digitally printed folding cartons. Around 450 visitors from 34 countries, including the USA, Japan, Australia, Brazil, Mexico, Russia as well as numerous European countries attended the event in Dresden, Germany (11 to 14 Nov.) with live demonstrations of the complete production process from digital file to a finished carton. The folding cartons were produced in different formats including personalisation and finishing. The featured workflow has been optimised for short runs and showed highest quality products in both digital printing and finishing.

A world premiere for folding and gluing

As a world first, specialist for finishing solutions KAMA unveiled the prototype of the Folder-Gluer FlexFold 52 (click video: This new machine has been designed to deal with frequent and very fast job changes. It can be set up quickly for different products and formats. A distinctive feature is the newly developed “APA-System” (automated plough length adjustment), which makes it possible to adjust the folding belts automatically not only in transverse but also in longitudinal direction. Changeover, which often takes hours on conventional machinery, is now done in only minutes. KAMA has global patents pending for this automated set-up.

HP Indigo 30000 with inline coating

The folding cartons are printed and varnished inline on the HP Indigo 30000 Digital Press. HP Indigo presented the digital press for B2 format (sheet format up to 75 cm, 29”) fully equipped with inline primer and the inline varnishing unit TRESU iCoat 30000. Both UV varnish and water-based varnish can be applied as a selective coating. The folding cartons printed on off-the-shelf substrate on the HP Indigo 30000 with seven colours – including white – showed an offset matching print quality combined with the use of variable data and designs. At the end of the workflow, every visitor got a box personalised with his or her photo.

KAMA Solutions for the digital workflow

The digital prints were die-cut on the KAMA DC 76 Die Cutter (760 x 600 mm), a machine especially designed to handle short runs, both with and without hot foil stamping – but always with the new AutoRegister. Using a camera, printed register marks and correcting sheet alignment, AutoRegister ensures highest register accuracy for every single sheet. The KAMA SBU module carries out all stripping and blanking inline with the die-cutter– there is no need for tools, which saves you money. In the last step, the new Folder-Gluer FlexFold 52, folds and glues the blanks into deliverable straight-line boxes or crash-lock boxes. Thanks to the automated set-up, changeover from one folding carton format to the next job is carried out almost at the press of a button.

Network integration

New for most of the companies in packaging: all machines participating in the workflow are connected via a network. This is vitally important when it comes to coordinating the many short runs in the course of a day (up to several dozen) and controlling their status (Track and Trace). The entire production control, the presets for the machines as well as the analysis of performance data, is carried out via JDF (electronic job ticket) and JMF. The central control station for the KAMA machines is the so-called Cockpit with PC und touch screen. It is not just the network client, but also serves as a prep table with storage space for chases and tools. Regarding hot foil stamping, it is also possible to integrate the cliché positioning unit KAMA CPX into the Cockpit.

Short runs: from “irritation” to profitable job

“This complete networked solution for short-run folding carton production hits the pulse of the times”, said KAMA CEO Marcus Tralau. The increase in short production runs for cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, health care products as well as food has confronted packaging producers with new challenges. “Short runs are not profitable on high-volume machinery, but they are now evolving from an unpleasant irritation to a growth market. What is needed is a solution with an uncomplicated set-up and minimal changeover times, something that can handle many job changes in a short space of time and which still delivers top quality while running with significantly shorter production cycles”, said Tralau. “We have designed our new solution to meet these demands.”

The future of packaging

Alon Bar-Shany, HP Indigo Vice-President and General Manager, sees this end-2-end workflow as a quantum leap for digital packaging printing. “We have listened very carefully to our customers, recognised the potential for digitally printed folding cartons and, together with KAMA, have created this compact, efficient workflow. With the new complete solution for digital printing in HP Indigo quality and high value KAMA finishing, our customers will redefine the market for folding boxes and will be able to better answer to the brand owners and consumers needs.”

HP Indigo and KAMA: from vision to workflow 

Dresden-based KAMA GmbH and HP Indigo, with its headquarters in Rehovot, Israel, have been strategic partners since 2010. In 2011, a common vision was created of combining digital printing and high quality finishing with the goal of integrating this promising printing process into the value-added chain and to work together to bring the advantages of digital printing, like short runs, multiple SKU’s, mass customisation and personalisation to the growing packaging market.

“Packaging is coming home”

At the Finishing Days, the innovative Dresden-based company has also been celebrating its 120th anniversary. With the invention of the creasing line (allowing bending without breaking), Teodor Remus, who founded KAMA’s forerunner SCAMAG in 1894, revolutionised the cardboard industry. With the workflow for short-run folding carton production and the new Folder-Gluer FlexFold 52, packaging is getting new impulses from Dresden again. To set the course for long-term growth in the packaging market, KAMA management beside their own investments has brought new partner, ARCUS Capital AG, on board in September 2014.

About KAMA

Employing 115 staff and 10 trainees KAMA GmbH develops and manufactures automatic die cutters, hot foil stamping systems and folder-gluers with versatile applications for the graphics industry. Established 120 years ago, the Dresden-based company built the first automatic die cutter in 1936 and has made a name for itself in the industry with innovations and worldwide patents ever since. KAMA machines for post-press and finishing processes are successfully operated in over 60 countries.,

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About HP Indigo

The Indigo Division of Hewlett Packard provides digital color presses, supplies and workflow solutions for commercial printing providers, as well as label, flexible packaging and folding carton converters. HP Indigo’s 4000 customers in 120 countries use innovations in print to continue to add value to their customers, which include many of the world’s leading brands.  For more information about HP Indigo solutions for folding cartons visit


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