Partner Success Story: DuPont Tyvek®

Putting Partnership to Work: Getting Involved

As a new partner, the DuPont Tyvek® team wanted to take full advantage of its Dscoop partnership opportunities. Like many companies, the DuPont Tyvek® team is constantly trying to gather information from its consumers, but isn’t able to visit all of its printers and designers. When DuPont decided to get involved at the Dscoop Grandmasters Summit in Budapest in June 2014, they approached the conference as a learning opportunity.

The conference gave them the chance to listen to members, engage with them and understand their needs. Knowing that printers may already be familiar with their signature DuPont Tyvek®, they wanted to find a way to introduce new printing possibilities using the material.

Connecting with Members: Conference Strategy

In addition to DuPont’s elaborate and eye-catching display that drew the attention of nearly all attendees, their Platinum level partnership also gave them the opportunity to be part of an interactive workshop at the conference. Rather than choosing a conventional approach, wherein they could simply deliver a five minute promotional product pitch, they decided to fully participate in their sponsored session and brought multiple people to be sure they could interact with all attendees. This was their chance to have meaningful interaction with members, one of their most important goals in partnering with Dscoop.

DuPont intentionally selected a session topic that closely aligned with their company’s culture. The idea of helping customers use DuPont’s many products to enhance customers’ businesses is central to DuPont’s go-to market strategy. In choosing to present on the idea of moving from product to service selling, they were able to bring more than a sales pitch to the session. They contributed real world examples of how others are making this important shift. More than bringing industry expertise, connecting the session topic with their own goals allowed for authentic interactions that helped to build stronger relationships.

DuPont was also deliberate in the design of the session. “DuPont offers high value, specialty products. Because of our differentiated offerings, to be successful, we really must walk customers through the entire supply chain,” said Frederic Fleury, Global Marketing Manager, Tyvek® Graphics and Packaging at DuPont Protection Technologies. DuPont did just that, and session participants also got hands-on training with Tyvek® wristbands and envelopes, not to mention the funky jackets. Company representatives sat with participants to assist them and answer questions. “It was not a boring session with just one person talking; it was a lot of interaction, and a lot of things going on. It made it more exciting,” said Deborah Sondag, European Sales Manager, Tyvek® Graphics and Packaging at DuPont Protection Technologies.

Building on Success: Next Steps

DuPont took its Dscoop partnership to the next level, focusing on what truly appeals to members. One of its overarching goals for this partnership is to connect with the Dscoop community on a larger scale, “At the end of the day it’s not just DuPont Europe, it’s a global impact we want to leverage across all partners and regions,” said Deborah.

The success they saw in Bali and Budapest was a part of this global strategy. Understanding what works in one region lets them leverage that experience in other regions, ultimately creating a more powerful partnership.

To build on this existing momentum, the DuPont Tyvek® team is putting together a roadmap for interacting with the organization and engaging members throughout the next year.

Their next step is developing a webinar with Dscoop University that will launch in early 2015 focused on helping members increase business by selling service vs. product. As DuPont develops content for the webinar, it remains committed to offering Dscoop members valuable content, “This is not talking about Tyvek®, it’s about how members can get benefits in terms of opportunities and growth. It’s how to help them be competitive,” said Deborah. “When our customers win, we win, and that is the best of all worlds.”  


“Dscoop members are very engaged; they are not waiting by, sitting on their chairs. This was the best place to listen to members, learn more about their needs and learn how to help them.” ­

Deborah Sondag, European Sales Manager for Tyvek® Graphics and Packaging at DuPont Protection Technologies


Tyvek presentation at the workshop

Marc Fonteijn, co-founder and Strategy Director of 31Volts, models a Tyvek® jacket during the "Service Design - Moving From Products to Services" session at the Dscoop Grandmasters Summit in Budapest. 



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