Partner Success Story: Scodix

For Scodix, Partnership Means an Opportunity to Educate

For long-time Dscoop partner, Scodix, getting the most out of its partnership means reaching members across multiple events throughout the year. Founded in 2007, Scodix provides digital print enhancement presses for the HP Graphic Arts industry, but consistently finds education to be one of its biggest challenges.

“Educating the industry on a unique, new solution, that has a major business effect, is our challenge on a daily basis,” says Amit Shvartz, Vice President Marketing at Scodix. “Dscoop helps a lot in this education process.”

Amit sees a strong desire in the Dscoop community for new enhancement solutions, and it’s his task to ensure the industry is aware of the diverse capabilities that Scodix offers.

Through its involvement in many Dscoop conferences, Scodix has been able to connect with its target market, but has also found that education is a two-way street. “We have found that the people at Dscoop events and forums are the people we want to talk to face-to-face. It’s a special environment, not a typical tradeshow, and it’s an open environment where everyone is open to listening and discussion. We learn a lot from customers from these open discussions as well, and they have proven to be a great platform for us because we see each customer as a partner for Scodix. We use any opportunity to get that open dialogue about future solutions, where the market is going, our own direction and our customers’ challenges. All of these are important factors for us in making both short and long-term decisions,” Amit explained.

Connecting at Conference and Beyond

To maximize educational opportunities with Dscoop members, Scodix turned to conferences. In 2014 it participated in all three of the Dscoop regional conferences, and looking back, Amit reflects on a year packed with Dscoop activities that were all deemed successful. Scodix experienced particularly great success at the Dscoop Asia-Pacific and Japan (APJ) Annual Conference in Bali, Indonesia in June 2014. Setting up an actual press on the showcase floor may have taken a significant amount of pre-conference planning, but it proved to be a huge hit. Scodix sold eight systems in Bali.

Amit doesn’t attribute Scodix’s success to simply showing up with a press, though, “One of our key success factors with Dscoop is that we look at all opportunities.” Scodix interacts with customers at conferences, but also sends out advance information, brings an actual press whenever possible, and takes advantage of relevant speaking opportunities. It’s the combination of these that led Scodix to its staggering success in Bali.

Additionally, Scodix measures its overall success as a Dscoop partner beyond what happens during conferences. Events are a major part of the company’s marketing and sales strategy, but a sale is just as likely to happen post-conference. Amit’s rule of thumb? “Don’t measure success by conference alone.”

A Perfect Match through Partnership

Whether evaluating a single conference or its overall approach, Scodix’s partnership has been an effective tool in meeting its goals. Over the years, they've learned to look for the most efficient initiatives to reach prospects, and Amit explained that Dscoop conferences offered the right mix for them, “We are always positively surprised by the atmosphere and openness at Dscoop conferences. There is a very high quality of people and information.”

As it enters 2015, Scodix is already well underway with plans for this year’s Dscoop conferences, while continuing to look for further opportunities to connect with members.  From breakout sessions and speaking opportunities to exploring the possibility of a sponsored webinar, its strategy is being open to any and all opportunities to engage with Dscoop members.

“We want access to the most creative, interesting customers in the space,” said Amit. “We found Dscoop is the group that allows us to do exactly that. For us, it’s a perfect match.” 




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