Upgrade your Picturebook, make Real Photobooks

New E-Photo Lustre Paper Looks Like Photo Paper when Printed

Participants at Dscoop6 will get a look at worldwide industry trends and learn how choosing a premium specially-designed paper can boost sales of their photo merchandise through a presentation by Felix Schoeller Imaging General Manager Guido Hofmeyer. Entitled Upgrade your Picturebook, make real Photobooks, it will outline recent trends in the global Imaging Industry as well as review some very interesting new business opportunities for the owners of Indigo presses who want to continue to stay ahead of the game.

E-Photo Lustre Paper

As the world’s foremost manufacturer of base paper for photographic paper for more than a century, Felix Schoeller has the special ability to make paper with virtually no impurities (so essential when coated with a light-sensitive emulsion) that exhibits the characteristic "feel" of a real photograph. A similar construction, whose cross-section is shown below, serves as the base for the E-Photo Lustre paper.

At the same time, Felix Schoeller was selected to produce the original paper specifically optimized for the Electro-Ink printing technology used in HP Indigo digital presses. This unique combination of skills enabled us to create the special E-Photo Lustre paper, with the same satin-matt Polyethylene (PE)-coated surface used in professional photo paper that provides an identical look and feel to real photo paper when printed on Indigo digital presses.

Printable on both sides, it offers excellent toner adhesion, brilliant color reproduction, wide depth of contrast, low reflection of background light, and outstanding print life. It is available in 190 gsm and 260 gsm weights in all desired sheet and roll formats for HP Indigo digital presses.

Last year an independent organization, Photo Imaging News – Asia Edition, performed a market test as part of Dscoop6 Asia to determine whether Chinese Indigo commercial printers and photofinishers would pay a premium price for this premium product. The results were an overwhelming endorsement of the superior results achieved with E-Photo Lustre paper. Compared to standard glossy coated media, which needed to dry for a long time before trimming, the E-Photo Lustre paper could be trimmed within 10 seconds. Printed with four colors, the image quality on E-Photo Lustre paper was judged superior to that on standard glossy coated media printed in six colors. Dot gain was also significantly reduced, greatly improving the smoothness of color gradations in the image, as well as color saturation and purity. Complete test results can be found on our Website in the "news" at:


"The tests performed in China last year were entirely funded and conducted by Photo Imaging News – Asia Edition," noted Guido Hofmeyer, Felix Schoeller Imaging General Manager. "Thus the results are completely unbiased and reinforced our belief that print service providers are willing to select our premium media to achieve a higher perceived value for their memory books and other personalized photo products."

Samples of the various premium quality products that can be produced on Indigo and other digital presses with E-Photo Lustre and other specialty media from Felix Schoeller Imaging may by viewed at our booth.


To get a detailed demonstration of, or obtain more information about, the E-Photo Lustre and other Felix Schoeller products, please visit our Dscoop6 booth 107.

About Felix Schoeller Imaging

The Felix Schoeller Group is a leading family-owned international specialty paper manufacturer headquartered in Osnabrueck, Germany. With eight global manufacturing facilities, the 110 year old company is considered one of the foremost producers of top quality photo imaging, technical and décor papers. For more information, visit www.felix-schoeller-imaging.com.


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