Introducing Lynx® On Tap

What’s good?...What’s easy?...What do you like?... (or What’ll it be partner?)

We say, “Lynx Opaque Ultra my friend!”

This spring, Domtar is serving up a new print promotion for Lynx Opaque Ultra titled Lynx On Tap. This beer themed brochure is filled to the brim with mouth watering imagery, fun brew graphics and custom detailing that will have you asking for another round.

Chock-full of rich imagery and custom illustration, Lynx On Tap shows the full range of color and ink hold-out that you’ve come to expect from Lynx Opaque Ultra. What

makes it even sweeter, is that you get all that great taste at a great price. One of the spreads speaks to the fact that Lynx is also “Made from Good Stuff”, and well, it is. As a member of the Domtar EarthChoice family of products, Lynx Opaque Ultra is FSC certified, supported by the Rainforest Alliance and also SFI Fiber Sourcing certified. Made in Domtar’s North American mills, it is responsibly sourced and manufactured from the forest floor to your door. And if you need a little more, we have Lynx Opaque Ultra available with 10% PCW.

Let’s face it, service is not just about speed, it’s also about choices. Lynx Opaque Ultra has them by the barrel full. The overall breadth of the Lynx line ranges from 40 lb text weights to 100 lb cover - all available in a great smooth finish.

When Lynx is on tap, you don’t need to go anywhere else. Never sacrificing quality, while staying within your budget, Lynx Opaque Ultra is the perfect order.

To learn more about Lynx Opaque Ultra, visit

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