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Is it for PANTONEs? Is it a special color scheme? Is it for Indigo, ONLY?

CMYKPlus is a unique color space. But, contrary to popular belief, it is not specifically an HP Indigo profile or specifically for PANTONE color matching.

CMYKPlus has been designed to help HP Indigo devices match the output of HP Wide, Large and Grand Format Inkjet devices (devices like the Designjet, Flatbed and Latex printers).

HP Inkjet devices all have HUGE color spaces/gamuts – due to their 6 to 12 or more channels of color; including variations of the following: tri-color, photo cyan and magenta, photo gray and black.

If you were to print a file on HP inkjet and compare it to the same output on HP Indigo, you would find the inkjet file to contain more color content and definition. In terms of photo realism and color gamut, HP Indigo is GREAT. HP Inkjet is OFF THE CHARTS!

So, CMYKPlus simply enables proper color matching between the two devices. It minimizes the color space of the inkjet products, while properly adjusting the color space of the Indigo products. (There is no color limitation of the Indigo product – only an adjustment of the Indigo color space to properly balance it against the inkjet output.)

Raster Image Processors (RIPs) in both families have the CMYKPlus profile loaded by default. Both devices should be color managed using CMYKPlus when common output is printed (same file, or same series of files). Slight color adjustments may need to be made, but the colors should initially be very close, provided proper color calibrations and stock settings are applied.



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