QR Codes on TV? 'Daily Show' Counters CNN's With One of Its Own (Ad Age)

QR codes are proliferating quickly across print and outdoor advertising -- promising extra info or content to readers who photograph them with their smartphones -- but CNN gave the tactic new visibility during its Republican presidential debate Monday night.

"You'll see an electronic code on your screen," CNN's John King told his viewers. "You can snap a picture of that code. You'll get some exclusive access about our debate, some behind the scenes video, some analysis and content."

Last night Jon Stewart at "The Daily Show" took issue with the effort and countered with an on-screen QR code of his own. "Don't do it now though," he said, "because, you know, we're doing a show."

CNN was not able to say by deadline how many people activated the debate's QR code.

The QR code discussion begins at the 2:45 mark, after Mr. Stewart considers CNN's claim that including questions from Facebook and Twitter users would make its debate "different than any presidential debate you've ever seen."

Read the full article at Ad Age: http://adage.com/article/mediaworks/daily-show-counters-cnn-s-screen-qr-code/228197/.

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