Did You Know? The 10 Most-Read Stories of 2014 (and HP Indigo is a part of it)

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“Coke put your name on the label” is the

10th MOST READ story in the USA for all of 2014.


Summarizing the year of 2014, USA Today selected the 10 most read stories on their website and in number 10 came the amazing story of “Share a Coke”.

This is an amazing testimony displaying how successful this campaign was and how people related to it, but moreover, it shows how disruptive the HP Indigo technology can be to the label industry. For the first time, one of the most recognizable brands in the USA, working with HP Indigo customers, had the capabilities to execute this campaign on a world wide scale.

This is not a subjective list of the top news of the year. This is a look at the stories that you, the readers, clicked on the most across USA TODAY's website, and mobile and tablet apps.


Click here to see the entire list of articles!

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