How To Lead With Design Thinking

Title: How To Lead With Design Thinking

Author: Natalie Nixon

Publication: Inc.

Date Published: February 12, 2015

Management is fundamentally antithetical to leadership. This leads to a conundrum in many organizations. Leadership is to management, what snowboarding is to skiing; what jazz is to classical orchestration; what Zara is to Sears; and what Netflix was to Blockbuster. Where management wants to control, streamline and create repeatable, consistent outcomes, great leadership seeks to spawn, disrupt and provoke unpredictable growth that we may never before have seen. Leadership can be unwieldy.

Therefore, it is helpful to access tools and lenses that help us navigate unpredictable terrain when attempting to lead with excellence. Design thinking is one of those lenses. It is a problem solving method borrowed from design and applied to the design of the intangible: to services, processes and experiences. When used as the lens for leadership, cool things can happen.

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