How to Reinvent Your Company to be a Player in the Digital Age

Author: Rosemarie Manaco

Publisher: My Print Resource

Date Published: Feb. 9, 2015

Companies reinvent themselves for a number of reasons. But the fundamental reason for all reinvention is to move the company from the danger of demise to a place of continued growth. Apple Inc. is the perfect example of that.

Once upon a time when the company was known as Apple Computer, basically its only customers were designers and service bureaus. Attempts to convince consumers to buy iMacs failed horribly. With his eye on the consumer, Steve Jobs reinvented Apple with the introduction of the iPod. And the company hasn’t stopped reinventing itself ever since. Ask people what Apple makes. They will tell you mobile phones and iPads. The word computer will never pass their lips, yet in fact, they still are a computer company. This is the result of masterful reinvention.


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