World first MIS deal for Tharstern at Pureprint Group

Colne, Lancashire, UK  The world’s first MIS seamlessly linking together Kodak, Heidelberg and HP workflows is being installed by Tharstern at Pureprint Group in a six-month rollout from this month (March).

Tharstern, the pioneering specialist software house with over 550 worldwide installations, has been chosen by Pureprint as its long-term technology partner to supply a unique system that supports the group’s growth strategy and brings major efficiency and business infrastructure benefits.

The MIS will integrate workflows between the Kodak Prinergy Pre-Press Workflow, Heidelberg Press Room Manager linking five XL presses, HP SmartStream Production Pro feeding the five Indigo digital presses and Pureprint’s Purity web2print and ecommerce platforms.

Tharstern’s integration to JDF and JMF to HP SmartStream and Kodak Prinergy will provide an automated workflow for web2print order submission as well as valuable costing data.

The deal covers:-

  • Deploying PRIMO Estimate PRO to help streamline full integration functionality in estimating and enable estimators to be better informed about different production options
  • Implementation of PRIMO’S CRM to help unify sales process providing management for sales and marketing strategy
  • Providing an iPad App (PRIMO Live) to Pureprint field-based sales teams
  • Implementation of PRIMO modules across Pureprint’s multiple warehouses. These include barcode scanning, multi-location stock control for both raw material and finished goods, as well as advanced pick and pack routines

Details of the 120-user deal – that is set to expand to a group-wide MIS once the system goes live at Pureprint’s UK headquarters in Uckfield, Sussex – have been unveiled in the run-up to the DScoopX 10th annual conference in Washington, USA, from 5-7 March, at which Tharstern will be sharing its world-leading expertise.

Tharstern, which is the preferred MIS partner of Heidelberg and HP – the only UK MIS partner having this status – and has numerous proven PRIMO to Kodak Prinergy integrations, also works with numerous other global brands. Among these are Esko where Tharstern aids CAD functionality through Estimate PRO, a powerful software tool in packaging.

Pureprint strategic development consultant Anthony Thirlby said: “As part of Pureprint’s repositioning and rapid growth strategy in which turnover is projected to rise from £42 million to group sales of £58 million in 2015 it is imperative the business has the correct infrastructure to continue with its growth strategy, maximising business opportunities and gaining full commercial leverage from the integration capabilities of all its deployed platforms.

“After an extensive market evaluation, it was clear that Tharstern’s industry leading systems and expertise would be the perfect choice to deliver the future plans for Pureprint. This will be a world first in the industry with complete cross platform infrastructure and integration.”

Mark Handford, CEO of Pureprint Group, said: “Tharstern clearly demonstrated it has a strong team of experts based in the UK, which we considered to be an essential differentiator for a vendor proposing to provide a fully integrated MIS. The company has taken a lot of time and effort in getting to know and understand our current and future business requirements.”

Lee Ward, Tharstern’s Sales Director, said: “We are delighted the decision has now been made to implement the Tharstern PRIMO MIS. We look forward to partnering Pureprint Group to provide an integrated MIS platform that can support the growth within the group, which has been remarkable.”

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