Partner Success Story: GPA

A Partner from the Very Start

There is no denying that the team at GPA is passionate about the success of their customers. As a Dscoop partner from the very beginning, they are dedicated to connecting with members and adding value to the overall Dscoop experience. From involvement in the annual conference to year-round member engagement, GPA has made its partnership with Dscoop a primary focus of its marketing strategy. “We made the commitment from the very get-go. We were going to be a partner in the Dscoop community and across the digital printing market. If Dscoop offers even a small partnership benefit, we take that benefit as far as we can possibly take it with our customers and with the community,” said Trina May, Director of Marketing at GPA.

Connecting with Customers at Conference

Since Dscoop marked its 10th anniversary in 2015, GPA wanted to complement that celebration with its own 75th anniversary this year and a focus on learning from DscoopX attendees. “In preparing for conference, we are looking at what customers are asking for and trying to find a holistic, multi-touch approach to ensure our message is coming across effectively,” said Lisa Behning, Marketing Manager at GPA, “and we want to bring value to the Dscoop community from the information we gather.”

To ensure a successful conference each year, GPA plans its sales meeting prior to the conference and then the entire sales team, all 30 of them, attend the conference as well. They have found this to be hugely successful for their sales reps, sparking their sales cycles for the rest of the year. Additionally, GPA brought employees to DscoopX who are not focused on sales and marketing, so they could also experience the energy and excitement, and learn about industry trends and opportunities.  

Making the Most of Year-Round Dscoop Partnership

As GPA’s business grew in the digital space, they saw the potential in interacting with Dscoop members on multiple levels. Dscoop’s annual conferences have always been a huge opportunity for GPA to connect with customers, “Every year the conference has grown and been extremely successful for us,” said Trina, “We’ve never had a bad experience at the conference. It’s always been full of positive successes, growth, exchange and conversations.”

Beyond the conference, GPA has also taken advantage of year-round partner benefits such as webinars, participating in the Dscoop Online Forums, offering quotes for testimonials, working with customers using the Tell Your Story Sales Kit and being a part of the Substrate Success Program. “For year-round opportunities, we’re involved in pretty much anything we can possibly be involved in,” said Trina.

GPA’s involvement in Dscoop even goes beyond making connections with members. Throughout its long tenure as a Dscoop partner, GPA has connected with over half a dozen other partners to work with them at annual conferences and through year-round activities. The company’s multi-faceted approach to its Dscoop partnership is unique and supports its main objective, “Our goal and focus is to bring value to members, the organization and the entire industry,” says Trina. 


GPA at Dscoop4

From left to right: GPA's Director of Marketing Trina May,
Director of Digital Media Ron Pergande and President and
Bob Niesen at Dscoop4.

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