Midland Paper Launches New Edition of Specialty Paper & Film Catalog

Midland Continues to Build on its Market Leadership in Specialty Substrates with the 2015 Edition of the Specialty Paper & Film Catalog

WHEELING, IL – Midland Specialty Paper & Film, a division of Midland Paper, Packaging + Supplies, today announced the official launch of the newest version of its Specialty Paper & Film Catalog.  The new catalog provides a unique single source for all of a printer’s Digital and Offset Specialty substrate needs.   “The thing that amazes me the most about our product catalog is that we don’t just offer you 1 or 2 options for a customer’s application – in some cases you have 5 or 6 different options” said Rick Keber, Senior Product Manager for the Specialty Paper & Film Division.  

The newest edition of the Specialty Paper & Film catalog features Midland’s new 53-page saddle-stitched Inkjet Media Product Guide 2015.  The catalog also features the following:

  • Coated Paper – Featuring Midland’s Digital Edge Coated Paper, the new catalog is a one-stop-shop for all of a printer’s Digital Coated Paper Requirements.  Several new Coated Paper products have been added including Sappi’s new 94 Bright Opus DX Coated Paper, a Premium Coated Paper suitable for both HP Indigo and Toner Fusion press technology. 
  • Uncoated Paper – Featured 3 Star Rated Digital Uncoated Papers include Domtar Cougar Digital Color Copy Super Smooth, Finch Fine iD, Mohawk Everyday Digital Uncoated and International Paper Accent Color Copy Super Smooth.
  • Text & Cover Paper – The new edition of the Specialty Paper & Film Product Catalog includes a full line of Mohawk and Neenah Text & Cover Papers.  Midland is also proud to feature CTI’s full line of Aspire Petallics pearlescent papers for both HP Indigo and Dry Toner Equipment.   Also included are unique specialty papers from Convertible Solutions, Hazen Paper and Mitsubishi.   
  • Non Pressure Sensitive Film – Without question, Midland offers the widest variety of Synthetic Papers (Offset and Digital) in North America.  Offset & Digital Polystyrene, Rigid Vinyl and Printable Magnets help round out what is a robust offering of Synthetic Substrates for every application.    
  • Pressure Sensitive Film – Midland continues to offer the widest array of Pressure Sensitive Film products for Offset and Digital in the industry including flexible vinyl, window cling and floor graphics.
  • Pressure Sensitive Paper – Midland’s new Specialty Paper & Film Catalog offers Premium Pressure Sensitive Paper Products at the best pricing in the market.  There is no need to look anywhere else when you are looking for the best value in the industry for Pressure Sensitive Paper – Digital and Offset.
  • HP Indigo 10000 Products – Midland’s leadership in the industry is no better evidenced than its full line of Specialty Paper & Film products for the HP Indigo 10000 press technology and sheet size (B2 Format).  The new catalog includes over 100 new products produced especially for the HP Indigo 10000 technology platform.

“The catalog is great but frankly it would be useless if we didn’t also have the support of Midland’s ownership. They have made significant investments in inventory and people – not something you hear a lot of these days.  I am incredibly proud to be part of a company where the ownership is committed to growth in what is by all accounts a tough industry.  When there is an opportunity, they commit and go after it.  Our growth over the last 3 years in the Specialty Paper & Film Division is a testament to that fact, “said Ratcliff.   

See what sets Midland Specialty Paper & Film from the rest of the pack at www.youtube.com/watch?v=xSU4rc-3ujY.

With over $900.0 million in annual sales, Midland Paper, Packaging + Supplies is one of the largest independently owned merchant distributors in North America.   Midland’s access to the world’s highest quality paper mills and digital substrate manufacturers combined with its commitment to provide excellent customer service and unmatched industry expertise, uniquely positions the company to be the future of digital media supply.   

For more information, contact Mike Ratcliff at Michael.Ratcliff@midlandpaper.com, Rick Keber at Rick.Keber@MidlandPaper.com and David Field at David.Field@midlandpaper.com.


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