The Pizza Box—Yes, the Pizza Box—Reimagined

Author: Patrick Henry

Publisher: WhatTheyThink

Date Published: May 27, 2015

As packages go, pizza boxes typically don’t inspire a lot of design creativity. The graphics on many of them seem to consist of the same generic image of the mustachioed chef, and seeing any printed in more than one color of ink is the exception to the rule. Structurally, they’re the targets of even less innovation—after all, what does a pizza box have to be besides flat, flip-lidded, and square?

Yinan Wang,a graduate student at the Maryland Institute College of Arts, decided it was time to toss away old ideas about what can and cannot be done in the design of pizza boxes. “Toss,” in fact, is the name she has given to her reimagining of this mundane container. It’s a concept that may make it hard to think about take-out pizza boxes in the same way again.

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