How's Your Connection?


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Step by Step...

Are You Able to Connect to the New Order System?






If You’re All Set, You’re All Set! If Not, Here’s How to Get Help!

Alright, everyone – June 1st has come and gone. We’re two weeks into the new QAD and ordering system – and My HP Indigo, as a whole.


I know some are connecting, easily.

I know some are still having “ups and downs.”

I know some haven’t connected YET!


It’s been a roller coaster ride! Let’s be honest, roller coasters are fun, but not so much when it’s business!


Here’s where we are, as far as I can tell:


1. The backbone (QAD) is up and fairly solid. Orders are being made, daily,

and everyone is getting their orders! We’re gittin’ er dun!

2. Some orders are going through the order portal.

3. Some orders are still being emailed to the Supplies team, directly:

a. This is still a viable option –


If you’re connecting, and getting what you need – it’s all good!


If you are connecting intermittently, aren’t connecting to everything you wantor you haven’t connected, at all – here’s what to do:


1. Make sure you’re USING THE RIGHT LINK:


b. You can also try:

2. DELETE THE COOKIES in your browser (Chrome or Internet Explorer) and try the connection again. (This has helped a number of people, so far)

3. If you get farther, but your login doesn’t work – RECREATE YOUR USER account! We’ve found that some of the users didn’t transfer over.

a. You’ll need your press serial number.

4. If all else fails, CONTACT via email. They can help you with anything related to your user connection.

a. They CANNOT take orders. They can only help ensure your user account and login credentials are working.






For more information, please feel free to contact me:

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Tim Stefl

Solution Architect, Northeast - HP Indigo & Highspeed Inkjet, Americas - Hewlett-Packard Company

165 Dascomb Road - Andover, MA USA 01810

Office: 978-304-0829 / Cell: 781-820-4507 /




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How's Your Connection?

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