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June 17, 2015


What Is Your Leadership Style? leadercast.jpg

We encourage you to take a few minutes out of your day to think about the way you are leading your organization. Wouldn’t it be great to have the insights of other great leaders at your fingertips? Below are two quick video highlights from keynote presentations at the May Leadercast conference. They highlight key skills that can be used right away and will change the way you think about leadership.


Making the Hard Decision to Stop What Isn’t Working

Why is it so difficult to let things go? There often comes a point when, as a leader, you realize that something you are attached to is “sick” and is not going to get well. Whether the season has passed, or the investment made in a person or project isn’t paying dividends, Dr. Henry Cloud discusses how leaders face the difficult choice of a necessary ending.

Dr. Henry Cloud is an acclaimed leadership expert and best-selling author. He draws on his experience in business, leadership consulting, and his practice as a clinical psychologist, to impart practical and effective advice for improving leadership skills and workplace performance.


Calm is Contagious

As leaders, your people are going to mimic your behavior. They may even amplify your behavior. Navy SEAL Commander Rorke Denver suggests that "calm is contagious" and stresses the importance of keeping your head when the going gets tough.

Rorke Denver is a Former Navy SEAL Commander & Best-Selling Author, he has run every phase of training for the U.S. Navy SEALs and led special-forces missions in the Middle East, Africa, Latin America and other international hot spots. He starred in the hit film Act of Valor, which is based on a true story.



ef cooling.png

Ruby Partner Spotlight: ef cooling US, Inc.

Dscoop Ruby Partner, ef cooling US, Inc. is known for innovative, customer-centric cooling solutions.

 Founded in 1964 in Zurich, Switzerland, ef cooling operates globally by producing market-oriented, highly developed cooling systems and accessories. Three years ago, they partnered with HP Indigo to create their EVO series, a range of chillers designed specifically for use with digital presses.

ef cooling offers dedicated products designed specifically for printing applications and conditions and offers lower energy and operating costs than any other comparable chiller.

As a new Dscoop member, ef cooling attended their first Dscoop conference at DscoopX, and discovered the benefits of being immersed in all things printing for three days. They enjoyed having the opportunity to network with so many industry leaders. Contact Gerald Wilson for more information about ef cooling US, Inc.


Ruby Partner Spotlight: Infigo Software Limitedinfigo.png

Dscoop Ruby Partner, Infigo Software Limited, develops personalized print and marketing engagement solutions on web-to-print platforms. They have devised templates which are available online and can be edited repeatedly. The outcome can be a printed product, but can just as easily be an email, mobile or social media campaign.

Their Catfish web-to-print software offers web to print, photobooks, email and SMS, and a complete frontend solution for print companies that is platform independent. Within Catfish, Infigo Software Limited developed MegaEdit, an all-encompassing system for variable data, email marketing and SMS. Everything is edited in the cloud, allowing changes to be made easily and speeding up the approval process.

DscoopX allowed Infigo Software Limited to expand their business network in North America by demonstrating their products to key people in companies across the geographic area and opening doors to many new opportunities. Contact Douglas Gibson for more information about Infigo Software Limited.

Pass It On: Stories to Share With Your Company and Customers

Five Ways to Make Email a Less Stressful Part of Your Day

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How to Get Online Traffic via Offline Marketing

Your website is crucial to your business. You know this and hence, you have spent a lot of time and energy on creating the perfect online presence for your business. With such a large investment, once the website goes live what happens?...read more.

The Pizza Box—Yes, the Pizza Box—Reimagined

As packages go, pizza boxes typically don’t inspire a lot of design creativity. The graphics on many of them seem to consist of the same generic image of the mustachioed chef, and seeing any printed in more than one color of ink is the exception to the rule...read more.








For more information, please feel free to contact me:

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Tim Stefl

Solution Architect, Northeast - HP Indigo & Highspeed Inkjet, Americas - Hewlett-Packard Company

165 Dascomb Road - Andover, MA USA 01810

Office: 978-304-0829 / Cell: 781-820-4507 / tim.stefl@hp.com




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