(Brea, CA, April 12, 2016) - Avery Products Corporation, the leading manufacturer of printable labels and cards, announced today that it is expanding  its AveryPRO line of professional-grade pre die-cut and full-sheet label stock for HP Indigo presses building on the early success of its 2015 entry into this important and growing market. Professional printers and graphic designers can now purchase new unique pressure-sensitive substrates like Soft Touch and Silver Matte that eliminate the need for post-production finishes and specialized inks, reducing costs, increasing profitability and speeding up the printing process.

Exclusive to AveryPRO, the beautiful Soft Touch substrate offers an understated elegance that transforms a basic label design into a touchable experience. Along with branding items like soaps, candies and cosmetics, this luxurious substrate is ideal for adding an elegant touch to any item needing a high-quality look and feel. This premium material’s special coating provides a velvety feel that begs to be touched. While this type of finish has been available for magazine and book covers as well as packaging, it is the first of its kind in the pressure-sensitive label market.

 The new Silver Matte material provides a metalized look without the use of metallic inks. The soft silver color and smooth surface are perfect for adding an upscale look to health and beauty products and event and party accessories. The label stock also features a permanent adhesive and is water and tear resistant, making it ideal for electronic asset tagging and beverage labeling.

 Along with these two new exciting materials, AveryPRO is adding a collection of Semi-Gloss and Clear label stock available with permanent and removable adhesives, a durable PET full-sheet stock, and polypropylene Name Badges.

 “Avery Products is excited to expand its AveryPRO digital press range with our new collection for HP Indigo digital printers,” said Liz Sanchez, Group Product Manager for Avery Products Corporation. “The new line complements our existing collection of quality substrates, with the addition of some exciting new materials like Soft Touch and Silver Matte.”

 All of the new products are ideal for short-run, print-on-demand applications and are available in a variety of full-sheet and pre die-cut shapes and sizes in 12” x 18” sheets that are certified for HP Indigo digital presses.

As the inventor and global brand leader of peel-and stick adhesive labels for a wide variety of applications, Avery Products Corporation is diligent with new product development and testing to ensure printer and end-user consistency. Avery Products created AveryPRO with the help and insight of professional printers, and will continue the collaboration as the company looks to expand the AveryPRO offering with even more innovative products and solutions in the future.

To learn more or request free samples, visit avery.com/averypro.


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