Imaging Solutions to showcase innovative systems at drupa 2016

Swiss system provider Imaging Solutions AG (ISAG) will show the latest developments in digital print finishing at the drupa exhibition 2016 in Duesseldorf, Germany.

Visitors can experience new and innovative production systems at the ISAG booth in Hall 14, Stand B15. On a surface of 180 square meters, Imaging Solutions will give an impression of photoproducts for today's and future markets.

The ISAG production solution fastBook Basic will be on display in Hall 17 at the HP booth, where Imaging Solution exhibits as HP business partner.

Read more details about the ISAG highlights at drupa 2016:

fastBook Advanced - Additional Performance for Entry-level Production

Imaging Solutions launched the new entry-level bookbinding system fastBook Advanced in response to the increasing demand of high quality photoproducts and the positive development of this business field.

A major benefit in comparison with the smaller bookbinding machine fastBook Basic is the twice as fast production speed of the fastBook Advanced. This enables producers to increase their daily production and to optimize their delivery times.

The fastBook Advanced processes 400 sheets per hour (12" x 12") without cardboard or 250 sheets (12" x 12") with cardboards. This equates a maximum output per hour of 30 LayFlat book blocks (12" x 12") without cardboard or 19 book blocks with cardboard.

Another benefit of the fastBook Advantage: This new finishing solution is designed to process thinner paper than the fastBook Basic system.

Premium LayFlat photobooks can be equipped with cardboards. The cardboard thickness varies from 0.014" up to 0.039". As an option, black-coloured cardboard can be used, too.

The fastBook Advanced is equipped with the Hotmelt-Technology.  

In the range of ISAG production solutions, the fastBook Advantage fits perfectly into the gap between the fastBook Basic system for small production levels and the fastBlock industrial performance systems.

World Premiere: fastBlock 04 - High-Speed XXL Production

Imaging Solutions will celebrate a world premiere of the new version of its flagship solution for high production volumes at drupa: fastBlock 04 bookbinding system.

Cutting, creasing, folding, pressing and gluing: The new fastBlock generation offers a bundle of

technical innovations to process high order volumes in short production times.

The fastBlock 04 offers a maximum of 2,300 bonded joints per hour. This is an increase of 28 % in comparison with the previous versions fastBlock 02 and 03.

When processing cardboards, book blocks with a maximum thickness of 1.8" can be produced (previously 1.2").

The production of books from single sheets including cardboard, can now be freely programmed. The fastBlock 04 Roll version offers the automatically production of 20 different book configurations via bar code in one step when processing paper from roll.

Another benefit of the fastBlock 04 is the optimized creasing unit. The creasing of the inner pages, now comes new with the fastBlock 04 Roll version, too.

The fastBlock 04 bookbinding machine produces XXL LayFlat photobooks up to a size of 18" and displays amazing panoramic images. This system is especially well suited for photo products in the top-price segment, such as wedding albums or luxury product presentations.

Additionally, an automatically distance measurement from the gluing head to the sheet was implemented, as well as an improved user interface. A new processing software supports the user-friendly workflow control via computer (former: manually control operation).

For all industrial producers processing an extremely high volume of premium photo products, the new fastBook 04 system is the solution with the highest performance available at the market in present.

fastBooklet: Cool Prints for the Generation Y (Digital Natives)

Fast, simple, mobile - these are the demands of young customers today. To reach this new target group and satisfy their request, photo producer have to extend their product portfolio with "hip" business models.  

Imaging Solutions has the developed the suitable solution for this demand: fastBooklet.

This new system converts the favorite smart images into "cool" softcover booklets. Customers can easily create and order LayFlat booklets via web app, available for smartphone, tablet and larger screen devices.

Designed as an all-in-one solution, fastBooklet produces complete LayFlat softcover booklets in less than 30 seconds. Only one push on a button, and booklets in size 4" x 5" or 5" x 7" can be delivered on the day of the order. No drying time or storage is necessary.

fastBooklet is the ideal production system to serve the "Digital Native" target group - also known as "Generation Y", aged from 18 to 35. With fastBooklet, the photo product supplier can respond flexibly and satisfy the spontaneous customer order decisions. 

This solution is demonstrating Imaging Solutions' sense in developing production systems and providing business concepts for new product trends and potential markets.

LayFlat Photobook Production at HP booth

ISAG proudly announce its participation as HP Print Finishing Partner on the HP booth in hall 17 at drupa 2016 exhibition.

The fastBook Basic system, a bookbinding machine for entry-level production, will be on display at the largest drupa footprint, the HP hall.

Luxury LayFlat photobooks, and high-quality print-on-demand products can be easily produced with this compact solution.

Live demonstrations of all displayed ISAG production systems will take place at all days during the drupa period. Visitors are highly welcomed to convince themselves of the systems' efficiency and exceptional photoproduct quality.

Imaging Solutions AG at drupa 2016:

Hall 14/B15 (ISAG)

Hall 17 (HP)

For more product information and news, please visit

About Imaging Solutions AG

Imaging Solutions AG (ISAG) is a Swiss company based in Regensdorf near Zurich. ISAG was founded in 2003 and specializes in modular systems for the production of LayFlat photobooks and other premium on-demand imaging products.

Imaging Solutions’ automatic workflow systems allow the high-quality print finishing of LayFlat photobooks, calendars, postcards, and posters in edition 1 and short runs. ISAG also offers the ideal solution for the automatic mounting of printed canvases.


All over the world, professionals from the photo and printing industry appreciate ISAG as competent partner and supplier of innovative print finishing and photobook technology.


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