San Antonio, TX (USA), April 13, 2016 – Electron beam (ebeam) technology has offered solid benefits to package printers and converters for decades.  Originally used with web offset presses, recent innovations in ebeam-friendly inks and coatings formulations have enabled ebeam growth in many new applications, including digital printing. 

A significant area of success involves ebeam curing coatings and laminates onto HP Indigo-printed flexible packaging, helping converters improve print integrity and visual presentation and provide substantially increased package durability and abrasion resistance.  While ebeam technology can be applied to materials printed on any HP Indigo press, it is especially relevant for the wider materials printed on the HP Indigo 20000.

In general, ebeam technology resolves many key challenges faced by today’s printers and converters. Instant ebeam curing requires very little energy, and preserves our environment by requiring no solvents and producing virtually no volatile organic compounds (VOCs).  Food packagers prefer ebeam technology over ultraviolet (UV) curing because UV requires photoinitiators to complete the curing process.  Photoinitiators are toxic, and run a slight but nonetheless legitimate risk of migrating into food.  Ebeam curing does not need photoinitiators to work, and as such poses no potential for migration.  This makes ebeam an extremely desirable food package curing technology for companies manufacturing products that are likely to come in contact with food.

Specific to the curing of overprint varnishes (OPVs), ebeam provides packaging with a high gloss, noteworthy depth of image, and high heat resistance.  Cure is immediate and ebeam offers compatibility with many converting substrates, including paper, aluminum foil, metalized OPP/PET/PE, chemically treated PET, corona treated OPP with/without bonding layer, and corona treated polyethylene.

In mastering the small electron, we and our partners create big changes:  cleaner processes, no use of chemicals, significantly less energy consumption, better quality products and greater resource efficiency.  COMET Group’s ebeam Technologies provides groundbreaking ebeam Systems and ebeam Engines.  EBS designs, builds and implements ebeam systems, most notably targeting curing, crosslinking and sterilization applications in the food and packaging industries.  Please visit our website to learn more about ebeam technology at www.comet-ebeam.com or www.teampct.com .

Ebeam technologies is exhibiting at Booth 115 at Dscoop, and welcomes your questions about how ebeam technology can positively impact your HP Indigo printing operations.


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