Dscoop Provides Developing Leaders for Tomorrow Webinar Series. FREE TO MEMBERS

It's been almost a year since Dscoop teamed up with Leadercast to bring members weekly videos to help us become leaders worth following. We’ve heard from many great leaders, all sharing their experiences. Many, many of our Dscoop members took advantage of watching these videos each week, and now we’re ready to provide our members the next level of learning with a 5-part Developing Leaders for Tomorrow Webinar Series to help you dig a little deeper and provide a pathway for implementation in your organization. Some compelling information about why it’s a great idea to take part:

Research indicates that leadership competencies are essential for an organization to succeed. However, organizations often…

  • Do not fully understand what leadership competencies actually mean 
  • Are not aware of how their behaviors impact others 
  • Believe their own strong characteristics are strengths – when some are "derailers"
  • Do not know how to adapt their behaviors in different situations to improve leadership effectiveness

Leadership deficiencies do not show on your balance sheet, but dramatically impact it by…

  • Creating disharmony and costly employee turnover 
  • Causing employee conflicts which hinder the organization’s ability to compete
  • Damaging your company’s reputation, making talent acquisition more difficult 
  • Stifling innovation, creativity, and employee engagement 
  • Failing to establish internal talent pipelines by hoarding and suppressing talent

As you can see, Developing Leaders for Tomorrow is a must. In this FREE 5-part Developing Leaders for Tomorrow Webinar Series, we’ll walk you through the leadership competencies that are essential to the success of your organization.

PRO TIP: This educational webinar is FREE, so why not gather your leadership team and watch each 30 minute webinar together and then set aside 30 minutes immediately afterward to discuss how to implement in your company!

Webinar Schedule: 9/20, 10/4, 10/18, 11/1, 11/15.

Register now:  https://lnkd.in/b5-GaUe


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